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Best Cloud Storage Providers For Small Businesses

Cloud Storage

Small businesses nowadays want more and more mobile access to their data, free from hardware and storage maintenance expenses.
Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular and offers an effective answer. This article explores the cloud-hosting concept and looks at some top cloud-hosting providers for small-business needs.

Businesses no longer need to invest for expensive external hard drives that don't fit on a desk or work laptops thanks to cloud storage providers. These services are easily accessible, safe, and available to a large number of users simultaneously. Cloud services are excellent for file sharing, collaboration, and file security. See below for a list of the best cloud storage providers for companies.

Data Storage Options

People kept their private information on memory cards and hard drives prior to cloud computing. However, mobile phones and laptops are susceptible to theft or damage, and accessing saved data may need being in close physical contact to the item. Companies have used big servers housed in specialised data centers to store their data. Only users who log in to the business network can access data; users may not be able to access it via the Internet or when they are on the go.

Data security is still an issue, and both corporate servers and consumer devices require specialised support and maintenance.

Why Does Small Business Need Cloud Storage?

Utilising cloud storage for small organisations provides several advantages, including the ability to share information across different users and provide anytime, anywhere file access. Contrary to the fears of many, it is also a safe, reliable and cost-effective option.

The servers provided by cloud storage providers are encrypted, and data can be safely stored in the cloud. When a small business choose the appropriate cloud storage solution, they can:

  • Reduce costs. Using cloud storage will be a smart choice if your company is smaller and has less data storage requirements.Because storing all data on local server or hard drive is much more expensive compared to cloud storage and may be underutilized.

  • Increase flexibility. Obviously, cloud storage can provide more flexibility. When more storage capacity is needed, businesses can buy it whenever they need it.

  • Increase productivity. Users can access data from any device, anywhere, and transfer and share it remotely. Employee cooperation is strengthened in this way, and the project's overall effectiveness is raised.

  • Avoid malicious attacks. If the data is only stored in the data service center built by the enterprise itself, it is easy to be damaged, such as high temperature and virus invasion. Cloud storage service providers can support data storage and backup in the cloud, and it is difficult for network viruses to break through layers of encryption technology and damage your data.

Things to Consider for Small Businesses When Choosing Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services give you the option to access your data from anywhere on multiple devices. It also enhances collaboration, as many vendors offer colleagues the option of simultaneously working on documents via cloud sync. Therefore, it is important to determine exactly what your business needs are before you start choosing a cloud storage provider.

  • Where will the storage be used? Backup, disaster recovery, coordination or primary storage? Since it will facilitate your decision-making, this is the crucial question.

  • Which types of data are you looking to store? Does it have to do with programme or user data? Cloud storage is a preferable option if your application is hosted in the cloud.

  • What storage class do you want? Which type of storage service is better: file, block, or object?

  • Can public cloud storage really meet your needs? Because it involves specific SLA terms. What standards do you have for data security? It will decide what kind of access control and permission method.

  • Will the provider meet my data recovery time requirements? Stated differently, you must find out if they provide point-in-time recovery.

  • How is primary storage deployed? You should find out if the provider can fulfil the need for IOPS or response time during peak business hours, as some firms use main storage.

After taking everything into account, the final step is to select a reputable cloud storage service provider.

The Best Cloud Storage Solutions for a Small Business

Choosing which cloud service to utilise for your business might seem intimidating because there are so many options available.

When picking a service you need to consider a couple of things like security (which can turn into a disaster), ease of use, cost, and availability.  Not all cloud services are created equal, but a few are typically regarded as the best in the business. Keep reading for 10 of the top small company cloud services.

1. Dropbox for Business

Dropbox for Business excels in file storage, sharing, and syncing, making teamwork seamless. Priced at $12.50/month per user (min. 5 users), it offers a generous 1 TB storage/user. Ideal for small businesses, it provides centralized administration, enhanced security settings, and version tracking. Reliable and affordable, Dropbox ensures hassle-free collaboration with a user-friendly interface.

2. SugarSync for Business

SugarSync for Business offers essential functions like Storage, Synching, and Sharing. The pricing includes a free 30-day trial, followed by $55/month or $550/year for up to three users, with an additional $125 for each user beyond three. The service provides 1 TB of storage.

Notably, SugarSync for Business features a unique Outlook plugin, ensuring clean and efficient team emails by avoiding excess data. Similar to Google Drive, it allows file and folder sharing through links, overcoming email size restrictions. The platform is compatible with various devices and operating systems, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. It facilitates seamless file and folder synchronization across your entire team.

3. Box

Box Functions: Storage, Synching, Sharing

Price: Free 14-day trial; $15/month per user (minimum 3 users); Unlimited storage

Box is ideal for small businesses with its affordable $15/month/user plan offering unlimited storage. While it excels at fostering team collaboration and centralizing business data, it also features handy tools like sharing screenshots and screencasts. The service's search functionality within files and seamless integration with third-party services enhance overall efficiency.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive: Efficient File Storage and Collaboration

Functions: File storage and sharing with collaborative editing features.


  • 15 GB free for individuals

  • 100 GB for $1.99/month

  • 1 TB for $9.99/month

  • 10 TB for $99.99/month

  • 20 TB for $199.99/month

  • 30 TB for $299.99/month

  • No annual plan pricing available.

Description: Google Drive, known for personal cloud storage, extends its utility to small businesses. With collaborative features like Google Docs, it facilitates seamless document creation, editing, and sharing. Beyond storage, it accommodates various file types and provides convenient previews. Integrated with familiar tools like Google Chrome and Gmail, Google Drive streamlines business processes.

5. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive Features: Storage, Synching, Sharing

Price: Free 15 GB with sign up; 100 GB for $1.99/month; 200 GB for $3.99/month; 1 TB with Office 365 Personal for $6.99/month.

Microsoft OneDrive seamlessly integrates with Windows, offering synchronization of system settings, apps, and files across Windows devices. Compatible with iOS, Mac, and Android, it enables collaborative real-time document editing on various platforms. Unique to Windows, the Fetch feature allows remote access to files from a connected PC, even if it's in sleep mode. OneDrive provides affordable, generous storage, making it a compelling choice for Windows-centric businesses, and it's competitively priced against Google Drive.

6. Cyfuture Cloud

Cyfuture Cloud Functions: Object Storage, Block Storage, Synching, Sharing

For Object Storage

  • Price: Storage - Upto 100 GB, Price -Min Price of Rs. 300/ Month (US$3.6/ Month), Data Transfer - Unlimited

  • Price: Storage - Above 100 GB, Price -Rs. 2.5 Per GB (US$0.03/ GB/ Month), Data Transfer - Unlimited

For Block Storage

  • Standard SSD - Rs. 8 per GB per month for storage

  • Premium SSD - Rs. 4 per GB per month for storage


Cyfuture Cloud's primary function is comprehensive computer backup, emphasizing the safeguarding of entire systems over specific files on servers.

In contrast to competitors focused on file and folder backup, Cyfuture Cloud prioritizes complete computer and server backup. This approach minimizes the risk of data loss in case of a total system failure. While ensuring the security of your entire system, Cyfuture Cloud also provides the flexibility to selectively back up specific files for those who prefer a more targeted approach.

7. SpiderOak

SpiderOak offers secure storage functions with a focus on data protection. Prices include a free 60-day trial, $7/month for 30GB, and $12/month for 1TB, with both monthly and annual billing options. Security is a top priority with SpiderOak's "Zero-Knowledge Environment," ensuring that password information is not stored on their servers, providing robust protection for sensitive data. Unlike typical cloud storage providers, SpiderOak doesn't store passwords or encryption keys on their servers, minimizing vulnerability to physical access threats. However, users must remember their passwords, as there is no retrieval option for added security.

8. MozyPro

MozyPro offers secure online backup for Mac and Windows, providing a free 30-day trial. Pricing includes $40/month for 100 GB on unlimited computers, with an option of $12.99/month for extra backup servers. Yearly subscriptions enjoy discounts. Safeguard your business data by backing up desktops, laptops, and servers. MozyPro supports Windows server applications like Exchange and SQL, ensuring easy access for your team. Pay only for the storage you need, not per user.

9. Carbonite Business

Carbonite Business offers Online Backups for Windows Servers with competitive pricing starting at $270/year for 250 GB and $599/year for 500 GB, covering unlimited computers and a Windows file server. A 30-day free trial is available. The 'Business Premier' upgrade supports Windows file servers but not Mac-based servers, priced at less than $1 per gig per year. The user-friendly Valet Install remotely installs Carbonite's software, eliminating the need for manuals. Ideal for Windows server backups, it competes with MozyPro and caters to users seeking easy installation and cost-effective plans.

10. CrashPlan

CrashPlan offers cross-platform compatibility, supporting Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris for online backups. Unique pricing includes a free 30-day trial, followed by $10/month per user or covering up to 20 laptops and desktops. This flexibility addresses the common oversight of Linux and Solaris in cloud storage solutions. Businesses can choose between unlimited data backup for a single computer or allocate specified data across multiple computers, accommodating various business models and cost structures.



A cloud storage solution can be whatever you want it to be. Pick one that works with your team – whether you need it for system backups, collaboration and sharing, or both. Once you decide which cloud storage service you want to use, Cyfuture Cloud can help you implement it across your business. It’s as simple as posting a request online – and even if you’re still not sure, we can help you choose which service to use, too.

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