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Email hosting is a service that manages a network of email servers. When it comes to a commerce-focused website, having a professional email service for end users is crucial to maximize the website's features. Cyfuture Cloud offers exceptional email server hosting, providing "POP3 email" and essential spam and virus protection software. If you own a small or medium-sized business (SME), enhancing your business email through Cyfuture Cloud's email server hosting is highly recommended. Our services surpass those of other email server hosting providers.

Cyfuture Cloud offers a comprehensive range of email services to our clients, equipped with a versatile set of features. These include unlimited aliases, autoresponders, support for large attachments, unlimited forwards, robust spam and virus protection, IMAP/POP3 mail, online storage, mailing lists, calendars, whitelists, blacklists, backups, folder management, archiving, and contact management, among many others. Clients can access their emails from anywhere using the internet on their smartphones or their preferred email applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

Our email server hosting service at Cyfuture Cloud is highly cost-effective because we understand our clients' needs. It eliminates the need for in-house email servers and unnecessary IT teams to manage communications. We encourage clients to compare email hosting service providers by taking advantage of the free trials offered by many email hosting firms. By doing so, they can witness firsthand why Cyfuture Cloud is the ideal choice to meet all their requirements.

Choose What Fits For You

MS Exchange Server

At Cyfuture Cloud, we possess the necessary expertise and technical knowledge to host and deliver effective Exchange email hosting solutions to a diverse range of customers. Exchange Server enables corporate clients to securely access communications such as email messages, messaging, SMS text messages, and voicemail from their systems, web browsers, or various devices. We provide a guarantee of uptime, enhanced security, integration with Skype for Business, as well as features like Exchange Hybrid savings and full compatibility with Outlook. Microsoft's Exchange Server is a mail and calendar server that empowers businesses of all sizes with increased resilience and improved performance. It operates exclusively on Windows Server operating systems and serves as a server-side application that provides information to the client-side collaborative application interface. This communication interface or Exchange mail server ensures reliable transmission of emails, voicemail transcriptions, calendaring, scheduling, and various tools to customize collaboration and email-based applications.

Smarter Email

Smarter Email is an exceptional webmail interface that enables customers to send and receive emails with an internet connection. As a leading global email hosting provider, Cyfuture Cloud offers unparalleled expertise in business email through our 'SmarterMail Email Server Hosting' to potential customers. Designed and priced to be accessible and beneficial for consumers, small businesses, and enterprise-grade corporations, we deliver world-class mail service solutions. SmarterMail provides end customers with advanced options such as mail account statistics, customer-level skinning, and precise user-controlled spam and content filtering. It is a fully RFC-compliant mail server package that includes comprehensive webmail with anti-spam features.

Office 365

At Cyfuture Cloud, we offer remarkable business transformation by providing a wide range of business-driven applications that enable clients to manage client scheduling, referrals, and invoicing. The Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications includes highly acclaimed services such as SharePoint Online, Office Professional Plus, Lync Online, Exchange Online, and an enhanced version of the Office Suite operated as Office Web Applications. Leverage this Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which offers a comprehensive suite of application tools and various services that facilitate documentation and various maintenance tasks without the need for installation. Office 365 is an integrated software and services solution designed to help clients enhance and rejuvenate their business.

Zimbra Email

Zimbra is an open-source server and client technology that enables corporate messaging and collaboration. At Cyfuture Cloud, we are strong advocates of open-source technology and provide affordable, scalable, and dedicated Zimbra email hosting plans tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, regardless of their size or operations. Additionally, our Zimbra hosting offers synchronization with operating systems such as iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android. Simply put, Zimbra is a web-based application that can be deployed as an on-premise private cloud or as an outsourced public cloud service. The VMware Zimbra Collaboration Suite encompasses email, contacts, calendars, documents, and more.Stay on Top With Our Email Server Hosting

Stay On Top With Our Email Server Hosting Specifications

Multiple Domain Support
Comes as IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
Complimentary SPAM Protection
email server hosting

Email Characteristics

At Cyfuture Cloud, we deliver efficient services at a reasonable cost, providing customers with everything they need to manage their business email effectively.

Email Hosting India

Innovative Design Thinking

We employ excellent design thinking methodologies to develop next-generation innovations that meet business priorities and extend mobile-enabled cloud and personalized applications.

email server hosting

SAP HANA Integration

We ensure that your investments are well protected and capitalized upon by seamlessly integrating with SAP HANA, enabling enhanced performance and utilization.

Reliable Email Hosting

User-Friendly Interface

We provide an easy-to-use and clutter-free email interface, ensuring simplicity and cleanliness in your digital communication experience.

Reliable Email Hosting

24/7 Support

With Cyfuture Cloud, there's no need to hire a dedicated systems administrator solely for email management. Our special tools and continuous assistance ensure that there's always someone available to address any queries or issues you may encounter.

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Robust Security Features

Instead of relying on third-party applications for spam and virus filtering, we offer a host with built-in security features to safeguard your email communications effectively.

Email Hosting Providers

Spam-Free Environment

Our platform incorporates advanced spam filters designed to provide maximum protection against unwanted and intrusive spam messages. Rest assured that your inbox will remain free from the nuisance of spam, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Email Hosting India

Quick Deployment

Our services feature a convenient and straightforward standard configuration set-up wizard, enabling rapid and effortless installation of your email server hosting. This saves you valuable time and effort in the process.

Cyfuture Cloud Perspective: Email Hosting

Cyfuture Cloud's hosted email service provides customers with essential tools to manage their department's email, calendars, and contacts. These features can be accessed through the Cyfuture Cloud webmail application or synced with their preferred desktop and mobile email clients. Our cost-effective plan offers the necessary functionalities, while higher-tier packages include additional tools such as cloud storage and instant messaging.

For advanced email capabilities, including push email, shared calendars, contacts, and archival tools, Cyfuture Cloud also offers a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange. This option allows customers to enjoy the same features as running Exchange on their own servers without the need for management or installation.

Emails serve as the backbone of any organization, serving as the primary means of communication with stakeholders. At Cyfuture Cloud, we understand the importance of email hosting for businesses and provide fast, secure, and malware-protected email server hosting solutions to our clients. As a leading email hosting service provider with over ten years of experience in the hosting domain, we cater primarily to Indian businesses.

Why Choose Cyfuture Cloud for Email Server Hosting?

Email hosting provides customers with a professional email address to communicate with their team, partners, and potential customers. Using a free and generic email address like '[email protected]' gives an unprofessional impression. Businesses recognize the importance of having a professional email address that enhances their organization's credibility with every email sent.

Email is the foundation of business communication, with employees relying on it to interact with resources. Market research reveals that a significant majority of emails are now accessed through mobile devices, indicating a rapid shift away from desktop usage in just four years. As mobile device capabilities continue to advance, customers expect more from their email services. It's no longer just about sending and receiving messages; customers need access to their accounts from any device, at any time, while prioritizing security.

By utilizing a hosted email service like Cyfuture Cloud, administrators can focus on their core business processes without worrying about the technical details or attachments they send. Our hosted email service, which replaces Go4Hosting, provides essential security measures such as firewall protection, SSL encryption, secure HTTPS connections, and spam or antivirus filtering.

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    Secure Webmail Access

    Cyfuture Cloud's email hosting service ensures secure webmail access by employing industry-standard encryption techniques to safeguard data. Our service encrypts all data transmitted to and from the server, providing protection throughout your webmail session. With 128-bit encryption, active throughout your webmail session, you can trust that your communication remains secure.

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    Secure POP and IMAP Access

    Cyfuture Cloud offers secure POP and IMAP access, ensuring the encryption of all email traffic, including usernames and passwords. You can access your desktop email using popular mail clients like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Eudora, and Mozilla Thunderbird, with the confidence that your communication is protected.

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    Ample Storage Space

    Our email hosting service provides generous storage space, allowing businesses to choose plans that meet their specific needs. You can easily adjust the storage capacity as per your requirements, giving you the flexibility to scale up or down as necessary.

  • Reliable Email Hosting

    Enhanced Performance

    With Cyfuture Cloud's email hosting plans, you can experience enhanced performance, enabling seamless interaction with customers and suppliers within and outside your organization. Your communication operates smoothly under your company's domain name, enhancing your professional image.

  • Email Hosting India

    Protection from Spam and Viruses

    Our reliable email hosting service effectively blocks harmful emails before they reach your network. Through integrated anti-virus scanners and advanced techniques such as greylisting, blacklisting, and whitelisting, we ensure that spam is kept out of your business, saving you time and improving productivity.

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    Open Lines of Communication

    By choosing business email hosting from Cyfuture Cloud, you keep your email host and website independent of each other. This ensures that if one goes down, the other remains unaffected, enabling uninterrupted communication with your clients and avoiding any potential damage to your business

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    Explore More Than Messaging

    Our email hosting service goes beyond messaging. In addition to emails, we offer features to manage contact data, important records, and schedules, providing a comprehensive solution for your communication needs.

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    Address Book Feature

    Our valuable email hosting service includes an address book feature, enabling easy storage and retrieval of contact details in a user-friendly manner.

  • Reliable Email Hosting

    Up-Time Assurance

    Cyfuture Cloud guarantees high uptime for your email access, ensuring seamless communication with clients and other essential business partners. You can rely on our service for reliable and uninterrupted email connectivity.

  • Email Hosting India

    Build Trust and Authority

    Email hosting builds trust and authority for your business. Utilizing a professional email address, such as [email protected], instead of a free version, instills confidence and credibility in your communications, establishing your brand as reliable and trustworthy.

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    Cost-Effective Solution

    Setting up and managing your own email hosting can be expensive, requiring server purchase, IT expertise, uptime management, and security considerations. Cyfuture Cloud's email hosting offers cost-effective plans with round-the-clock support, robust security features, and scalability options tailored to your needs.

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    Smooth Upgradation

    When migrating your business emails to a new server, accuracy and data integrity are crucial. With Cyfuture Cloud, the transition is seamless, ensuring accurate transfer and preservation of your domain files. Your email service remains functional even during the propagation of the domain to the new server.

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    Avail Additional Features

    Unlike free email accounts, Cyfuture Cloud's business email hosting offers additional features, including spam security, ample storage space, brute-force attack protection, and recovery options. If you require bulk email hosting or other web hosting services, explore our comprehensive range of offerings, including VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, shared hosting, and more.


  • SAP Certified

  • MEITY Empanelled

  • HIPPA Compliant

  • PCI DSS Compliant

  • CMMI Level V


  • ISO 20000-1:2011

  • Cyber Essential Plus Certified

  • BS EN 15713:2009

  • BS ISO 15489-1:2016



Our Key Differentiators

  • Multi-domain Support
  • Comes on IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • Complimentary SPAM protection
  • 24*7 support
  • Rapid deployment
  • High network uptime
  • Robust security
  • Remote web access

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