Cloud CDN

A Fast, Quick & Fully-Secured Global Network

CDN in the cloud offers ultra-fast static & dynamic content delivery over our global edge network. Precise control over how your content is cached with lower bandwidth cost. Take full advantage of built-in unmetered DDoS protection


Securely Deliver Content with Low Latency & High Transfer Speeds

  • Global Network

    Global Network

    Cyfuture Cloud has built a network of data centers that cache static content which is closer to other uses. Deliver dynamic content over the fastest & most reliable links.

  • API First

    API First

    Cyfuture Cloud network is API-first, allowing consumers to easily automate workflows with high control over that how content will cache & purge.

  • Increased Bandwidth Savings

    Increased Bandwidth Savings

    Caching content on the Cyfuture Cloud network reduces the number of requests to an origin by offering static content from a Cyfuture Cloud data center, minimizing bandwidth usage.

  • Granular Visibility in Cache

    Granular Visibility in Cache

    Get actionable insights into caching your website for a better cache-hit ratio and further drive down your bandwidth costs.

    See exactly what resources are cached and what aren’t.

    Make configurations changes to improve cache ratios.

    Filter by hostnames, or see a list of top URLs that are missed caching using graphs.

  • Support for HTTP/3

    Support for HTTP/3

    HTTP/3 is the most recent generation of the protocol that powers the web instead of using TCP as the transport layer. HTTP/3 uses QUIC, a new internet transport protocol that encrypts by default and helps to accelerate web traffic.

    CDN in cloud support for HTTP/3 that enables faster, more reliable, and more secure connections to websites and APIs.

CDN in Cloud Computing Key Features

Cache Tags

Cache-Control Header Extensions

Concurrent Streaming Acceleration

Web-Cache Deception Protection

Intelligent Web Traffic Routing to avoid latency & latency

Fast Cache Purge

CDN in Cloud Use Cases

Always in control
  • Deliver Secure & Fast Websites

    Deliver Secure & Fast Websites

    Reach viewers across the globe in milliseconds with built-in data compression and field-level encryption.

  • Accelerate Dynamic Content Delivery

    Accelerate Dynamic Content Delivery

    Optimize Dynamic Web Content with purpose-built and feature-rich global network infrastructure.

  • Stream-on-demand Video & Live

    Stream-on-demand Video & Live

    Start streams quickly and deliver high-quality video to any device with elemental integration.

  • Timely Patches & Upgrades

    Timely Patches & Upgrades

    Scale automatically to deliver software, patches, and updates scale with high transfer rates.

Lightning Feature & Fast Packed in CDN Cloud Service

A Cloud Support Team that Cares for Their Consumers

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