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Fast, efficient, and simple to use

Cyfuture Cloud makes your websites and apps quicker, more secure, and more effective with a top-notch technological foundation, 150+ PoPs covering multiple countries and territories and security protection from WAF, DDoS, and SSL.

Our CDN offers real-time, intelligent analytics for deployment, management, and monitoring. This frees you up to concentrate on enhancing business performance.

We offer a service that accelerates websites

Get benefitted from a quick website load and a quicker first server response.

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  • Cost-Effective

    Improved SEO

    Search engines favor websites that load quickly because they provide a better user experience.

  • Quicker Desktop Provisioning

    Decreased bounce rate

    Our CDN comes integrated with the latest technology to decrease the page load time by 20% leading to reduction in bounce rate.

  • Smaller Footprint

    Extended Session Time

    Using our CDN, you will experience a drastic decrease in page load time, which results in a longer session.

  • Data Security

    Better conversion rates

    A 0.1-second increase in page load speed boosts mobile conversion rates by 8–10%.

Cyfuture Cloud
CDN Services

Using Cyfuture Cloud
CDN Has Many Advantages

  • Security-first Security-first
  • Dependable global network

    Our network's thousands of strategically placed servers allow us to deliver information to your clients quickly.

  • Security-first Security-first
  • 24/7/365 Support in Multiple Languages

    Our top-notch multilingual-speaking support crew is available 24/7/365 and has over ten years of expertise.

  • Security-first Security-first
  • Reliable Private Lines

    Bypassing the open internet network, our lines provide even quicker, more reliable services with optimal routing.

  • Security-first Security-first
  • Highly Modifiable

    To satisfy your caching demands, our content delivery network offers both established rules and support for custom rules.

  • Security-first Security-first
  • API First

    Cyfuture Cloud network is API-first, allowing consumers to easily automate workflows with high control over that how content will cache & purge.

  • Security-first Security-first
  • Increased Bandwidth Savings

    Caching content on the Cyfuture Cloud network reduces the number of requests to an origin by offering static content from a Cyfuture Cloud data center, minimizing bandwidth usage.

  • Security-first Security-first
  • Granular Visibility in Cache

    Get actionable insights into caching your website for a better cache-hit ratio and further drive down your bandwidth costs.

    See exactly what resources are cached and what aren’t.

    Make configurations changes to improve cache ratios.

    Filter by hostnames, or see a list of top URLs that are missed caching using graphs.

  • Security-first Security-first
  • Support for HTTP/3

    HTTP/3 is the most recent generation of the protocol that powers the web instead of using TCP as the transport layer. HTTP/3 uses QUIC, a new internet transport protocol that encrypts by default and helps to accelerate web traffic.

    CDN in cloud support for HTTP/3 that enables faster, more reliable, and more secure connections to websites and APIs.

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CDN in Cloud FAQs

  • What is CDN in the cloud?

    A group of geographically divided servers that fast the delivery of content. It brings the content closer to where users are.

  • How does CDN in cloud computing work?

    A CDN achieves its intention by caching content on edge servers around the globe.

  • What is the difference between cloud & CDN?

    Cloud computing & CDNs are similar, as they serve content from geographically distributed servers. In CDN content is delivered as quickly as possible. Cloud computing is based on scalability, flexibility, and on-demand delivery.

  • Is CDN in cloud service cloud storage?

    By default, cloud storage uses the same cache that CDN uses.