Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Managed Cloud Services in India

Meet the real Managed Cloud Service Providers in India. Acquire secure, powerful managed cloud hosting on multiple devices from the end-user devices.

Efficiently managed cloud hosting continues to be the key preference for most companies. Companies need powerful managed cloud hosting solutions to handle any sort of data. To tackle this challenge, organizations need a way to manage their cloud infrastructure. Some organizations can handle the cloud infrastructure by themselves, but some need managed cloud service providers in India to alleviate their cloud infrastructure. But honestly, managing your cloud infrastructure yourself calls for highly skilled manpower, exceptional expertise, and dedicated resources.

Managed Cloud Hosting India
  • Managed Cloud Hosting India

    Future of Managed Cloud Hosting

    Re-engineer your device into a secure & powerful with Cyfuture Cloud Whatever device you are working on. You can easily connect and manage Cyfuture Cloud. Managed cloud hosting in India offers refined hardware to give full performance and experience.

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    What is Manage Cloud Hosting?

    Managed Cloud hosting is one of the top IT cloud services that is completely managed by the MSP (Managed Service Provider). All the maintenance requirements are handled by the Cyfuture Cloud experts (certified MSP). Our experts have an appropriate cloud approach for solving problems. We handle common as well as critical issues such as - security, computing, storage, and network operations. We proactively solve every issue efficiently.

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    Industry-Leading Performance & Better Support

    Cut your cloud bill by half and pay only for the cloud resources you utilize. We have the best CPU performance per dollar when equated to AWS, Google, and Azure. You can choose from the various managed cloud hosting plans. We are here to help. Our experts ensure that your cloud runs smoothly. You can easily connect with our support experts freely around the clock. You can also get premier support if you need any help.

  • Managed Cloud Hosting India

    Why Pick Managed Cloud Hosting Over Traditional hosting?

    You can deploy applications on the cloud instead of utilizing a single server. Solutions can be automated & controlled by using web portals, APIs, and applications. Consumers can scale up and down cloud storage, RAM, and other components. It supports different databases such as - SQL, MySQL, and more.

Features of Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Managed Cloud Hosting

    Scaling Solutions

    Upgrade storage as required. Solutions are completely on-demand, only pay for what you have used. You can easily initiate a backup, using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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    Data Recovery Solutions

    Data loss solution is by default implemented. This minimizes the data loss problems.

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    Centralized Applications and Services

    Cyfuture Cloud experts can easily manage all applications in a centralized server. They can monitor, report, scan & update.

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    Robust Infrastructure

    We have round-the-clock management with impeccable network infrastructure. A managed cloud service provider provides robust infrastructure. Outsourcing a cloud MSP relieves organizations from expensive network maintenance.

Managed Cloud Hosting Workload & Applications

Why organizations should prefer managed cloud hosting in India?

Nowadays, data is everywhere and data is rising exponentially. Organizations need compatible cloud hosting solutions to handle data, and manage data. The best-managed cloud hosting service can handle 60,000 to 100,000 visitors on monthly basis. Managed cloud hosting deals with various operations in handling CPU resources and operating systems. Cyfuture managed cloud is designed to provide unbeatable services.

Managed Cloud Hosting FAQs

Vulnerability Scanning Service

  • By routinely scanning hosts and container images for potential vulnerabilities, Cyfuture Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning Service helps improve security posture. In addition to providing comprehensive visibility into misconfigured or vulnerable resources, the service generates reports with metrics and details about remediation.

  • Cyfuture Cloud vulnerability scanning service has the ability to scan individual and all compute instances within a compartment and its sub compartments.