Same hardware, multiple environment

Set up cloud servers on specialized HDDs or
SSDs, and manage from one place

Unlimited cloud servers allowed. Launch as many as you need. In seconds

Get started with your choice of customary, CPU-augmented, or memory-optimized structures and scale up your efficiency and revolutionize the experience your app

vm man
  • run time

    Tailor your own run-time environment

    Start directly by writing codes and leave the installation and configuration to us.

  • reliability

    Worry-free development

    Feel free to customize RAM, CPU, HDDs and create snapshots of your cloud server in a few clicks.

  • applications

    Scale your applications

    Define when you want your resources scaled and pay only when you have scaled your cloud server.

Enhance your application with our
thoughtfully-incorporated and all-inclusive plans

  • customary


    Our fundamental yet Enhanced cloud server plan that should do more than just getting you started.

    Best for low-traffic Servers, blogs, forums, Small databases, micro-Services and repository Hosting.
  • conventional


    The most talked about cloud server package, with dedicated CPU and power that should fit most small and medium scale businesses.

    High traffic servers, average-sized databases; especially for e-commerce websites and software like SAAS.
  • CPU centric


    Run on a highly-robust CPU with each core assigned with 2GB of memory for enhanced performance.

    Highly recommended for applications requiring accelerated CPU processing like machine learning, Batch processing.
  • memory augmented


    This cloud server package is specially designed for high-memory apps with each core with its 8GB memory.

    Memory-intensive applications like High-Performance Databases and actual big data processing.

Templates offered

Your business deserves the world-class benefits of our cloud servers

Our specially designed toolkit will take care of your cloud server in every way possible


Broaden your clientele

Give your business an edge in the market by adopting our scalable cloud servers

  • storage

    With our affordable price you won’t have to think twice for storage space. Summate storage space to your cloud server anytime your application needs it at $0.10 per GB per month.

  • range

    Dispense and transport data in bulk and create extra range of storage space right away; access data in a wide range as well as in the most structured formats.

  • vm load balancers
    Load Balancers

    We understand the complexities that occur during high traffic times. Load balancers will divert the oncoming traffic to achieve a smooth load distribution.

  • vm floating ips
    Floating IPs

    cloud servers acting as successors are equally important to ensure you are always connected no matter what.

Network enriched visages and other perks