Cloud Security Posture Management

Get continuous cloud security improvements and adaptations to reduce the chances of successful attacks

Identifying and remediating risks across cloud infrastructures is easy with Cyfuture Cloud Security Posture Management. It is not uncommon for a cloud to connect and disconnect from hundreds or even thousands of other networks over the course of a day. Clouds can be highly powerful, but they can also be difficult to secure because of their dynamic nature. In addition, as cloud-first approaches become more prevalent, cloud security is becoming more of an issue. Through prevention, detection, response, and prediction, cloud security posture management aims to address these issues.

Cyfuture Cloud offers Managed Cloud native Security Posture Management services to continuously monitor cloud infrastructure for gaps in security policy with multiple features.

Benefits of Cyfuture Cloud Security Posture Management

How does Cloud Security Posture Management Work?

With Cloud Security Posture Management, you can discover and visualize enterprise assets, manage misconfigurations and remediate problems, detect threats continuously, and integrate DevSecOps systems as follows

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Discovery and Visibility

In addition to identifying and displaying cloud infrastructure assets, CSPM also provides visibility into security configurations. With a single source of truth, users can access information across multiple cloud environments. Cloud resources and information, such as misconfigurations, metadata, networking, and security, are automatically discovered upon deployment. From a single console, security policies can be managed across accounts, regions, projects, and virtual networks.

Misconfiguration Management and Remediation

Through CSPM, security risks can be eliminated and delivery processes accelerated by identifying and resolving violations in real-time as they occur in cloud application configurations. Cloud resources are exposed due to misconfigurations, open IP ports, and unauthorized modifications, which can be easily fixed with guided remediation, and guardrails are provided to ensure developers don't make the same mistakes again. Data is always protected and permissions are always in place so that public access is never accidentally allowed. The database instances are also monitored to ensure they are available, backed up, and encrypted.

Continuous Threat Detection

By identifying and managing threats across the application development lifecycle, CSPM cuts through the noise of multi-cloud security alerts. By focusing on the areas adversaries are most likely to exploit, prioritizing vulnerabilities according to the environment, and preventing vulnerable code from reaching production, the CSPM reduces alerts. Real-time threat detection is also used by the CSPM to detect malicious activity, unauthorized activity, and unauthorized access to cloud resources.

DevSecOps Integration

Multi-cloud provider and account management is made easier with CSPM as it reduces overhead and friction. All cloud resources can be viewed and controlled centrally and in real time with cloud-native, agentless posture management. DevOps and security teams receive a single source of truth, and security teams can detect and stop compromised assets.

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