NVMe Hosting

Blazing-fast cloud solutions with NVMe powered SSDs

Backed by NVMe SSDs, Cyfuture Cloud delivers 25X processing speed than legacy SATA SSDs

Now give your audience an unparalleled user experience with NVMe protocols powered hosting solutions that minimize the latency compared to popular legacy solutions. NVMe protocols access high-speed storage media in all forms (U.2, M.2, AIC, EDSFF) and deliver the fastest response time.

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Why prefer NVMe over legacy protocols?

NVMe uses low latency, and parallel data paths to the underlying media, similar to high-performance architecture. This results in significantly lower latency and higher performance compared to SATA and legacy SAS protocols.

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    Best-in-class Performance

    NVMe supports I/O queues up to 65,535 each with 65,535 commands compared to SATA and legacy SAS protocols that support single queues, each with 32 and 254 entries.

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    Ultra-fast user experience

    Enjoy enhanced functionality, faster-loading speed, and enterprise-grade application offered by PCIe connected NVMe SSDs.

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    Enjoy Non-Volatile Security

    With the next-gen non-volatile storage, you never put your data at risk. Even in case of abrupt power failure, your data will never be compromised.

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    Future Ready and Innovative

    Storage solution of the future, NVMe risks no future-functionalities due to its advanced features. NVMe storage provides adequate processing speed needed by AI/ML systems, resulting in efficient AI/ML-based applications that deliver maximum value to the user.

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    More efficient and a greener solution

    NVMe storage solutions deliver higher performance while minimizing the power consumption than SATA-based storage. SSDs are already known for consuming less power. Taking it one step further, NVMe SSD power conservation rises up to 97% and saves developers a fortune.


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