Dont let any threat evade your security. We monitor your assets 24/7.


A safe system alone is not sufficient. To ensure that your cloud is fully hack-proof, monitoring is just as crucial. Monitoring systems ensure that threats that evade security are identified and eliminated before they could jeopardize the data and user privacy.

A team at Cyfuture constantly monitors the system and have an extensive list of stats delivered to them in real-time. Though it is very unlikely that our firewalls would ever be evaded but if it ever happens, our team will quickly spot the anomaly and also identify where the threat first entered. Within seconds, a command would send the threat to the chest and we’ll hard-erase it in a minute.


Cyfuture’s monitoring team comprises industry’s best cyber security experts that have a proven track record of maintaining high-end networks and have been directly responsible for the network security in highly-challenging roles.

We’re at our toes when it comes to security and monitoring and have a team of experts located on-site. Our advanced systems identify traffic pattern and also detect unusual behavior that deviates from the usual. We’ve the expertise and technology to stop the threat even before it enters your cloud server.