Desired, Customizable Pricing

Crystal clear pricing plans with no hidden charges


Comes along all our plans

  • Round the clock supervision
  • Exclusive contacts
  • API framework
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Exemplified security
  • Closely assembled open-source apps
  • Omnipresence
  • 24/7 support beyond comparison

Databases – Head to Head

Running your own database server is often the expensive way out and accompanies hidden overheads.

Timely maintenance and instant setup

Our cloud infra is maintained and tuned on a timely basis to ensure services continue working smoothly and setups are configured instantly.

Scalability at its best

We understand that demands tend to increase with your business. Scale up your cloud server anytime to keep up with the changing demand.

Evident daily backups

We ensure that your data is automatically backed up with restore-points and is ready should you ever need to have your data restored.

Minimal downtime

Downtimes are inevitable but we’ve minimised it to a limit that it’s virtually non-existent.

Security is our expertise

We offer 360 degree protection and ensure that your services are protected both online and offline.

Affordable bandwidth

Maximize on your savings with the industry’s cheapest and most robust bandwidth, offered alongside a free entry-level bandwidth.

Storage Options

object storage

Object Storage

The inbuilt object storage is supports most modern and legacy systems, and the CDN offered in conjunction is powerful enough to store and extract ample amount of web content.

block storage

Block Storage

We understand that businesses may sometimes want more than just the cloud, which is why offer block storage to help you customize your system the way you want.



Create replicas of your instances and save them to the cloud as snapshots. You can later move your snapshots into live cloud servers and control versions of your apps hosted on your instances.


Load Balancers

Distribute workloads evenly onto your cloud and balance out traffic on all servers with advanced load balancers offered at less than $0.015 per hour.

load balancers

Floating IPs

The IP address that can instantly move from one server to another called Floating IPs, are also charged in hourly basis at the rate of $0.006.

Services Incorporated

Irrespective of how much you are spending, we at Cyfuture promise to provide you with a set of services incorporated with each of our plans. We have taken oath on providing world-class services as well as support.

Constant Monitoring

Monitoring of cloud server performance and providing you with timely alerts. This service is included in all our packages without any additional cost.


One Platform-Multiple Accounts

Manage and scale your infra and applications associated with them from a single platform without sharing access privileges or credentials, and consolidate efforts from all cloud servers on one account.



Your data security is of utmost importance to us. We’ve designed our system firewalls in such a way that your cloud servers stay protected at all times.


99.95% uptime SLA

We assure you of at least 99.95% uptime over the span of your association with us.


24/7 Support

We’re at our toes 24/7, 365 days a year. Should you have any concern, you can reach out to us over email, phone or via your cloud dashboard within no time.


Open Source Applications

Jump straight into deploying your code with our open-source offerings in the cloud segment.

open source

DNS Management

Easily manage your domain along with the cloud with our customizable and intuitive cloud.

dns managemet

Broad Scale Availability

Worldwide recognition and connectivity to assure you are in touch and connected regardless of your geo-position.

broad scale

VPC/Private Networking

Isolate communications and network and/or any other information from spying eyes by configuring VPC with the cloud.

private networking