Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The Essence of Cloud Computing

Through cloud computing platforms, you can avail real-time shared computing resources over the internet and pay for what you use.

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The Transformative Potential of Cloud Computing

In recent years, cloud computing is a roundup of these innovations in this field of IT services which are now emerging to be seen as a major factor. Cloud computing enables a pay-as-you-go, on-demand model, thus enabling customers to have access to shared resources (servers, storage, and applications) at their convenience, a factor that has been helpful to both agility and efficiency as well as cost containment.

For virtualization, broadband networks and automation are brought together, which is the way it is possible. Corporate entities are able to avail themselves of a cornucopia of harmony through the cloud with scarce efforts of provisioning and release.

The defining features of Cloud computing that include on-demand self-service and rapid elasticity have consequently reduced the varied ways that organizations and individuals execute their operational processes. Enterprise organizations can exploit the leading-edge nature of the ever-evolving cloud and their main strategy can be to reinvent themselves and remain as competitive as they can. Convention has been the model in the past but it has been futile because of technology which will continue redefining IT dynamism.

Stay On Top With Our Cloud Computing Technical Specification

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

  • The cloud should support on-demand self-service for provisioning resources
  • It should provide broad network access and multi-tenancy of resources
  • The architecture should support rapid elasticity and scalability
  • It should offer measured service capabilities for metering and billing
Compute Resources

Compute Resources

  • Provide support for provisioning virtual machines of different configurations
  • Offer both stateful and stateless compute options
  • Allow autoscaling of compute resources based on demand
  • Support importing VM images to provision from a library
  • Provide high availability of compute resources
Storage Resources

Storage Resources

  • Offer block storage services for running virtual machine disks
  • Provide object storage with high durability and availability
  • Enable mounting cloud storage as file shares
  • Allow low latency access to storage resources
  • Offer encryption of data at rest for all storage types


  • Ensure high reliability of cloud infrastructure components
  • Implement redundancy mechanisms for high availability
  • Meet well-defined SLAs for performance and uptime
  • Provide capabilities for disaster recovery and failover
  • Support elasticity to handle workload fluctuations


  • Offer self-service dashboards for visibility into resource utilization
  • Provide metrics, logging, and analytics capabilities
  • Enable automation of infrastructure provisioning and maintenance
  • Support integration with monitoring and log analysis systems
  • Allow simple auto-scaling policies and thresholds
Networking Resources

Networking Resources

  • Provide virtual private cloud networks isolated logically
  • Offer capabilities to create subnets, route tables, gateways
  • Allow creation of public-facing load balancers
  • Support private connectivity between on-prem and cloud
  • Enable network security groups and access control policies
Application Services

Application Services

  • Provide managed services for databases, analytics, containers
  • Offer serverless computing services and platforms
  • Allow integrating cloud with identity, DNS, CDN capabilities
  • Support push notifications, messaging, workflow services
  • Enable API gateway for exposing applications over HTTP/S
Management Interfaces

Management Interfaces

  • Expose self-service consoles and dashboards for provisioning
  • Provide REST APIs for infrastructure automation and orchestration
  • Support CLI access for administration and DevOps
  • Offer SDKs for enabling programming language integration
  • Allow integration with third-party management platforms


  • Implement role-based access control and identity management
  • Enable encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Provide capabilities for backup, recovery and business continuity
  • Support vulnerability assessment, penetration testing
  • Offer DDoS protection, WAF integration, and security monitoring

Cyfuture Cloud Perspective: Cloud Computing

Cyfuture Cloud understands that the cloud is not only trendy IT buzzword but a paradigm shift in a way business access and process data. As a leader considering the cloud as service concept we aim to help companies to ignite the opportunities which the newswave technologies provide. Cyfuture Cloud portfolio features all-inclusive, robust, and secure cloud-based products tailored for businesses to enable them to drive agility, promote innovation and stay away from day-to-day business activities.

The highest level of the cloud platform available allows our company to diversify investments and deploy the perfect cloud model from among the available options for all the workloads. Cyberfuture Cloud equips companies with the flexibility to choose between the public, private, and hybrid clouds that suit their requirements more than any other. We bring together advanted cloud technologies with robust competence to ensure proper undertaking of the cloud strategies of our customers. A secret of ours are solutions that simplify the process of the shuffel of agents and organizations to make it possible for fast and sustainable cloud computing and digital transformation.

Here at Cyfuture Cloud, we go beyond simply supplying market-leading cloud services - we are true partners for your business. Our team collaborates with customers in adopting their cloud environments throughout the process of assessing, designing, implementing, and optimizing cloud infrastructure which is significant for the real-time performance. On being by your side to the future of cloud- computing, your role is being filled up with a trusted partner to hop on your success into the cloud and way beyond.

Why Choose Cyfuture Cloud For Cloud Computing?

Cloud partners’ performance vary with its backbone. Cyfuture Cloud comes up as the most preferred choice for enterprises expecting on-top performance and high reliability. Cloudifying a business environment helps at large scale operations with Infrastructure, platforms as services environment, delivering higher performance and reliability. Our offerings are path finding to companies towards the advantages of the cloud computing professions.

CyfutureCloud delivers incomparable flexibility, scalability, and security through top edge technology by using leading cloud technologies. With cloud platform you can run public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures cherried to suit your company needs. We maintain resource provisioning automation framework allowing instant service ordering. The Cyfuture Cloud portal and APIs create a tool-acquired environment which lets you easily manage cloud workloads. Our global cloud infrastructure ensures applications are always available and deliver a great end-user experience.

Above all, Cyfuture Cloud is a cloud advisor you can trust. Our team of cloud architects and engineers will assess your requirements, design optimal cloud architectures, and seamlessly handle migration and management. We view your cloud success as our responsibility. With Cyfuture Cloud as your partner, you gain confidence to embrace cloud computing and accelerate innovation.

To turn the promise of the cloud into reality for your business, choose Cyfuture Cloud for world-class solutions, technical expertise, and dedication to your cloud outcomes.

Our Advanced Feature Offerings

  • Serverless Computing

    Event-driven compute like containers, functions

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Connectivity between on-prem and multi-cloud

  • Advanced Analytics

    Real-time dashboards, reports, and insights

  • Database Services

    Managed SQL, NoSQL, graph databases

  • Storage Tiering

    Auto tiering across hot, warm, and cold storage

  • Workflow Automation

    Visual workflow and scheduling capabilities

  • API Management

    Creating, securing, analyzing APIs

  • IoT Core

    Ingestion and analysis for Internet of Things data

  • AI Services

    Prebuilt APIs for machine learning and AI

  • Advanced Networking

    Global load balancing, peering, CDN integration

  • Developer Tools

    IDEs, source control, pipelines for coding

  • Advanced Networking

    Global load balancing, peering, CDN integration

  • Multi-Cloud Management

    Unified visibility and control across clouds

  • Edge Computing

    Local compute resources for ultra-low latency

  • Desktop Virtualization

    Virtual desktops and remote application access

  • Blockchain Services

    Distributed ledger and smart contract tools

  • Quantum Computing

    Access to quantum processors over cloud

In India, multiple Cloud Computing providers offer various hosting packages, but we are paramount.

  • Reduced Costs

    Reduced Costs

    No need to purchase hardware, optimized usage and economies of scale lower expenses.

  • Scalability


    Auto-scaling to manage spikes in demand, shrink and expand on demand.

  • Top Performance

    Top Performance

    Latest computational resources, cutting-edge hardware, distributed infrastructure.

  • Faster Execution

    Faster Execution

    Rapid spin up of resources to experiment, automated testing and deployment.

  • Enhanced Security

    Enhanced Security

    Isolated infrastructure, granular access controls, security technologies.

  • Unlimited Collaborators

    CI/CD Pipelines

    Automated build, test and deployment improves velocity.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring

    Comprehensive Monitoring

    End-to-end observability for faster incident response. Auto-scaling based on metrics.


  • SAP

    SAP Certified


    MEITY Empanelled


    HIPPA Compliant


    PCI DSS Compliant

  • CMMI Level

    CMMI Level V



  • ISO

    ISO 20000-1:2011

  • Cyber Essential Plus

    Cyber Essential Plus Certified

  • BS EN

    BS EN 15713:2009

  • BS ISO

    BS ISO 15489-1:2016



Our Key Differentiators

  • Global Infrastructure 
  • Broad Product Portfolio 
  • Enterprise Grade Security 
  • High Performance 
  • Reliability and Uptime 
  • Scalability 
  • Agility and Speed 
  • Continuous enhancement with new capabilities
  • Proven experience migrating enterprises to cloud
  • Managed Services 
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Commitment to renewable energy and carbon reduction
  • 24/7 assistance from certified cloud experts
  • Smooth transition experience to the cloud

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