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Data Lake

Store data at any scale with the Cyfuture Cloud Data Lake service.

A data lake is a central repository that allows you to store structured and unstructured data at any scale. Data lake by Cyfuture Cloud provides a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution for storing and managing large volumes of data, making them an attractive option for many organizations. A data lake is typically implemented as a cloud-based storage service that provides a scalable, cost-effective, and highly available storage solution for data of all types and sizes.

A data lake is typically implemented as a distributed storage system, such as a distributed file system or an object storage system, which provides a scalable and highly available storage solution for data of all types and sizes.

One of the key benefits of a data lake is that it allows you to store data in its raw format, without the need for pre-processing or transformation. This makes it easier to store and manage data of all types and sizes and enables you to use a wide variety of tools and technologies to access and analyze the data. A data lake also typically provides a number of features that make it easier to manage and access data, such as:

Application Server Scaling
  • Fast & Secure

    Data catalog

    A data catalog is a centralized metadata repository that allows you to discover, search, and access data stored in the data lake.

  • Scalable

    Data governance

    Data governance features, such as data lineage, data quality, and data security, help you to manage and control access to data stored in the data lake.

  • Development-Ready

    Data integration

    Data integration features, such as data ingestion and data transformation, help you to load and prepare data for analysis.

Key Benefits

Data lake hosted on the Cyfuture cloud computing platform offer a number of benefits, such as:

  • Cloud Migration Services


    Data lakes in the cloud can scale to handle large volumes of data and high levels of concurrency, making them suitable for big data applications.

  • Cloud Migration Services


    Data lakes in the cloud can be more cost-effective than on-premises data lakes, as you only pay for the resources you use and can scale up or down as needed.

  • Cloud Migration Services


    Data lakes in the cloud offer flexible storage options, such as object storage and file storage, which can store structured and unstructured data in a variety of formats.

  • Cloud Migration Services


    Data lakes in the cloud can integrate with a wide range of tools and services, such as analytics, data integration, and machine learning, allowing you to build a wide range of data-driven applications.

  • Cloud Migration Services


    A data lake in the cloud can provide robust security measures, such as encryption at rest and in transit, to protect your data.

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Ease of use

    A data lake in the cloud can be easily deployed and managed, as it is provided as a service by the cloud provider.

Why Us?

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Breathe Cloud

    Our unparalleled domain expertise and strong cloud migration capabilities ensure transition and implementation as smooth as breathing itself.

  • Result Oriented

    Result Oriented

    Our reliable, agile, and high performing data centers and migration premises make the sophisticated processes prompt, convenient, and safe to work on.

  • Resilience


    Cyfuture always provides its service offerings in full adherence to our client’s requirements and market conditions. You get an instant access to the resources you need.

  • Become an Enterprise

    Become an Enterprise

    When you get cloud much swifter along with high performing, deft, and scalable solutions, you can get back to working on the core competencies of your business.

  • Unparalleled User Experience

    User Experience

    We help businesses to get an IT infrastructure makeover with no hassle.

  • Futurefic Infrastructure

    Futurefic Infrastructure

    State-of-the-art infrastructure capable of handling diverse and advanced workloads

  • Strong partnerships

    Strong partnerships

    Our partnerships with leading cloud service providers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Alibaba help us create robust Multi-Cloud architectures

  • Custom-built Solutions

    Custom-built Solutions

    Living up to our reputation of being a custom-centric cloud service provider, we let you customize our offering to fit your size and scale.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Flexible Payment Options

    A wide range of payment options optimize pricing and trim down the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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