Bare-Metal Server Hosting

The Reliability of Bare Metal Server for Custom Web/ Mobile Applications

  • Get maximum performance and secure single tenancy from a bare metal server hosting with root-level access. With raw processing power in 20+ global locations. Choose the ultimate performance & security for your business applications. Pick a bare-metal server hosting plan and customize it in the way you want.

  • Our Bare Metal Server is a single-tenant hosting product that acts as a dedicated server. It does not allow you to share your web space with other customers.

    Deploy the OS of your choice.

    NVMe storage with the latest Intel Xeon Servers

    Control Over Computer Resources

    Consistent & Robust Performance

    DDoS protected bare-metal server

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    Enterprise Hardware

    All the bare-metal server offers extensive speed over the heavy workloads & I/O result.

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    Bare Metal Server Security

    All the servers are configured with the protection of anti-malware, firewall & anti-DDoS protection that integrates with all machines for optimal safety.

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    99.95% Uptime

    All the bare-metal servers are engineered to offer 99.95% uptime. This ensures 24x7 availability for all operations.

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    Root Access

    Control bare-metal server hosting with full control from any location via the console and complete all the necessary operations.

Why choose bare-metal server hosting?

We offer fully-managed hosting under our bare-metal server so that you would have a dedicated control, set up, and configuration along with monitoring your website performance.

You will a get cloud IP address along with your bare-metal server that prevents your website from being accessed by any other user. We have implemented extensive and reliable security in our clouds. With our Tier-IV database center based in India, we offer bare-metal hosting in the different operating systems at a very affordable price.

What are the features of the Bare-Metal Server

Bare-Metal Server FAQs

  • What is meant by the bare metal server?

    A bare-metal server is a physical computer that is utilized by a single customer or tenant.

  • Are bare metal servers faster?

    Yes, bare-metal servers are faster. As the only single user is using the server.

  • Why is it called bare metal?

    It is called a bare-metal server because it is used mainly in differentiating a physical dedicated server from a virtualized environment and modern cloud hosting.

  • How do bare-metal servers work?

    Operating systems are installed directly on the server. This eliminates the layers and delivers better performance.

  • What is the advantage of bare metal servers?

    A bare-metal server offers high-performance computing with customized hardware options that can be tuned up to get maximum output.