Cloud Database

Efficient and reliable database management with self-service cloud from Cyfuture.

You’re only as good as the database you maintain. Cyfuture cloud helps you upkeep database better than your legacy systems.


Quickly launch apps off your DB, redirect services from one database to another and expedite loading and caching of applications on your database for ultimate flexibility.

Our database features smart and efficient storage; your files get intelligently fed to that where it places the least load and an even workload can be achieved. You can expect up to 30% faster caching and retrieval of files and scripts when hosting DB with us.


We understand that pre-packaged bundles only constrict your options and business throughput, which is why we allow you the ultimate control and option to setup a database on your own, exactly the way you want.

Configure a system of your choice and setup a database equally powerful to handle it. Quickly mobilize files and cater to requests across multiple applications. Unify DB for your web and mobile app without running load times and cache speed. Do a lot more with your DB hosted with Cyfuture.

Reliable and efficient database hosting services for your data management needs

Database hosting refers to storing and managing data on a remote server that authorised users can access and use via the internet. Some common features of database hosting include:

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    We will provide a secure platform to store and access data. It includes data encryption in transit and at rest, firewalls, and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

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    Our cloud database hosting service can scale up or down based on the user's changing needs. We provide additional resources to handle increased traffic or data storage requirements.

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    Backup and recovery

    To avoid data loss due to unforeseen circumstances, we provide regular backups to prevent data. In addition, we provide a fast and reliable data recovery process.

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    With our cloud database hosting services, we provide complete accessibility of the database to the users. With minimal latency, they can access the database easily, securely, and efficiently from anywhere globally.

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    Maintenance and support

    To ensure the smooth functioning of the database. We always prioritize offering maintenance and support to our users. This includes upgrades, troubleshooting, and regular system maintenance.

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    Our database hosting service provides APIs and other tools that allow easy integration with other systems and applications.


Why choose Cyfuture Cloud Database Hosting?

If you choose us, we will provide unmatchable solutions at best in the industry prices. The services which we offer include the-

  • Full Administrative Access
  • Dedicated Operating System
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Remote Access to the server via KVM
  • Uplink Connection
  • Data Center Class Hardware
  • Enterprise-Class Drives
  • Data redundancy
  • Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  • 99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Tier 3 certified Data Center
  • Technical Expertise
  • Exceptional Technical Customer Support

Cloud Database Hosting FAQs