Choose from a variety of templates and find the one that fits you best.


Choose whatever fits well with your needs; get your preferred OS installed and cloud server launched within no time. Create as many instances as needed and with as many configurations as possible.

Quickly launch cloud server with templates of your choice, and mimic exact environments needed to test applications. We ensure that hyper virtualization keeps all previous instances intact and launching of new cloud servers does not affect performance of any existing machines.


The success of your application lies in its ability to adapt to the dynamic world and so does yours. As businesses of the 21st century, we’re aware how quickly you’re required to respond to challenges and mitigate risks linked to them.

Cyfuture cloud allows you to tweak with cloud server configuration and tune in to the changing application requirements. All cloud server instances are completely re-configurable, and allows both scaling up and down of resources for varying workloads.