Expand your network whilst being in control always.


The success of your business and logistics rely on the consistency and strength of your IT network and the people safeguarding its integrity. Cyfuture’s cloud change the way you network by providing you a faster, reliable and scalable networking facility.

Setup network on our cloud to cover any number of offices PAN India, and make them work in unison with a single, centralized system. Manage all your logistics and IT at one place and deploy customized frameworks from the terminal managing your network.


We ensure that you get the best of facilities and services without too much efforts, whilst also ensuring adherence to norms you may be required to comply with.

Our cloud is empaneled with the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) and complies with strictest of norms needed to upkeep our status as MeitY-empaneled cloud service provider. You’ll notice high service engagement level starting day one on our cloud.

  • We are offering site-to-site VPN in cloud servie for private IP communications. This networking feature supports the ability to deploy IPSec VPN connections over Direct Connect using private IP addresses.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offers all types of networking protocols, including TCP, USP and ICMP. TCP is used for email, file transfers, and any other operation where ordered, error-free data is more important than pure speed. UDP is used to handle critical things like video streams or VOIP, where processing info as fast as possible is more critical than reassembling the data in perfect order. ICMP is used for inter-device communication, carrying everything from redirect instructions to timestamps for synchronization between devices.

  • Cyfuture Cloud supports all kinds of public IPs with CIDR. However, regardless of the IP address range of your VPC, we do not support direct access to the internet from your VPC's CIDR block, including a publicly-routable CIDR block.

  • Cyfuture Cloud supports the capability of automatically assigning public IP address to instances/ VMs. This feature is completely managed by client login.

  • Cyfuture Cloud supports IPv6 at the gateway. Through this feature customers can use IPv6 on EC2 instances to access Internet resources as well as on-premise applications. This enables numerous use cases such as hosting public services and meeting IPv6 compliance requirements.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offers the feature of adding multiple NIC in single instance and the client holds the leverage to assign multiple IPs.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offers a complete inbound rule (DNAT) which is entirely controlled by the client.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offers a complete outbound rule (SNAT) which is entirely controlled by the client.

  • Cyfuture Cloud allows the clients to control traffic to subnets using Network ACLs. This feature allows or denies specific inbound or outbound traffic at the subnet level.

  • Cyfuture Cloud supports packet capturing facilities. The feature enables you to capture information about the IP traffic going to and from network interfaces in your VPC.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offers IPSec VPN connectivity between the cloud provider and the customer’s data center. It enables routing of all incoming and outgoing traffic flowing to/from an internet gateway or virtual private gateway to a specific instance's elastic network interface.

  • With Cyfuture Cloud you can only define one VPN gateway per virtual network. However, each VPN Gateway supports multiple connections to it. This allows you to connect multiple networks to the same gateway.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offers direct connect to the leased line. This connection is established by creating a direct, physical network link between the customer network and the cloud service provider (CSP) network.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offers load balancing service which is completely managed by the client. It refers to the application delivery controller's ability to scale traffic loads up or down automatically and LBaaS (Load Balancer as a Service) implementations provide on-demand elasticity for load balancing services.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offers a backend (private) load balancing service. This service defines how cloud load balancing distributes traffic. The backend service configuration contains a set of values, such as the protocol used to connect to backends, various distribution and session settings, health checks, and timeouts.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offer DDoS availability. It helps slow down or crash a program, service, computer, or network, or to fill up capacity so that no one else can receive service.

  • VCN flow logs shows details about traffic that passes through your VCN. These flow logs help you audit traffic and troubleshoot your security lists. Flow logs are enabled and managed using the logging service.

  • Network environments and virtual instances shall be designed and configured to restrict and monitor traffic between trusted and untrusted connections. These configurations are reviewed annually, and supported by a documented justification for use for all allowed services, protocols, ports, and by compensating controls.

  • Cyfuture Cloud offers IPv4, IPv6 and DHCP