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Cloud Storage: Revolutionize the Data Management and Storage

Cyfuture Cloud Infrastructure stands as a premier choice for customers seeking top-notch computing capabilities and economical cloud storage solutions. Boasting a diverse range of on-demand storage options including local, object, file, block, and archive storage, we effortlessly address a spectrum of storage needs and application requirements. The availability of storage gateway and data transfer services ensures a secure and seamless transition of valuable data to the cloud, promoting ease of access and reliability for customers.

In India, Cyfuture's cloud storage services redefine affordability and convenience without compromising on control or performance metrics. By leveraging these services, customers experience a significant reduction in associated costs while gaining enhanced control and improved performance. We emerges as a frontrunner in the cloud storage domain, specifically catering to keywords such as "Cloud Storage India," "Object Storage," "Block Storage," "Budget," "Provider," "Pricing," and "Storage," aligning seamlessly with the needs and preferences of businesses and individuals seeking reliable and cost-effective storage solutions in the Indian market.

Cyfuture's commitment to providing cutting-edge storage solutions in India positions it as a budget-friendly and reliable provider, ensuring that customers receive optimal value for their storage needs. The range of services offered, coupled with competitive pricing and a focus on performance, establishes Cyfuture as a go-to choice for those seeking top-tier cloud storage solutions in India.

Our cloud have Managed Storage service with capability:

  • Increase storage capacity on demand on the provisioned volumes without any reboot of the virtual machine
  • Block Storage SSD type that offers up to 30,000 IOPS

Cloud Storage Plans: Choose What Fits for You!

Object Storage

Cyfuture Object Storage is a S3-compatible object storage service designed for demanding workloads like machine learning and deep learning.

Storage Price Data Transfer Data Availability
Upto 100 GB Min Price of Rs. 300/ Month (US$3.6/ Month) Unlimited Two Regions
Above 100 GB Rs. 2.5 Per GB (US$0.03/ GB/ Month) Unlimited Two Regions

Block Storage

Cyfuture Cloud Block Storage offers scalable, high-performance storage for businesses, enabling efficient data management and seamless accessibility.

Storage Pricing
Standard SSD Rs. 8 per GB per month for storage
Premium SSD Rs. 4 per GB per month for storage

Optimizing Cloud Storage with Cyfuture Cloud

  • Intelligent storage for intelligent applications

    Intelligent storage for intelligent applications

    Your AI and ML applications deserve equally intelligent best cloud storage India that can adjust itself to the varying workloads.

  • Data Management Interface

    Data Management Interface

    Our management interface gives a holistic view of how your apps are using your cloud storage services in India, allowing you to quickly set up drive permissions from one place.

  • Always in control

    Always in control

    Our remote cloud has been engineered keeping in mind the end-user requirements so developers like you (and not your host) are who control the cloud storage in India.

Cyfuture Cloud Perspective: Cloud Storage

Cyfuture Cloud's Cloud Storage services offer a forward-thinking approach to managing and safeguarding data, meticulously designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses in the digital age. In an era where data is generated at an unprecedented pace, having a resilient and adaptable storage infrastructure is paramount, and we stands ready to deliver precisely that.

Our cloud storage solutions are structured to empower businesses of all sizes, whether you're an emerging startup in search of efficient data management tools for your growing data or a well-established enterprise seeking secure, scalable, and easily accessible storage options. With Cyfuture Cloud Perspective as your partner, your data isn't just stored; it's optimized, protected, and readily available when you need it.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the recognition of data's pivotal role in decision-making, innovation, and business continuity. Our cloud storage solutions are built upon the pillars of reliability and constant accessibility, ensuring that your data remains secure and accessible around the clock. We understand the strategic value of your data and have meticulously engineered our services to shield it from potential threats and unforeseen disruptions.

Moreover, our perspective extends to offering seamless scalability. As your storage requirements evolve, we effortlessly adjust to your needs, ensuring that you only pay for the resources you use. Whether you require expanded storage, enhanced performance, or additional features, our flexible cloud storage solutions seamlessly adapt to support your growing enterprise.

With Cyfuture Cloud Perspective, you can streamline your data management processes, foster collaboration, and uncover valuable insights from your data, empowering you to make informed decisions. We're not just a provider of cloud storage services; we're your trusted partner on the path to digital transformation, illuminating a brighter future for your business through the lens of cloud storage excellence.

Why go for Indian Cloud Storage Providers?

  • Fast & Secure

    Fast & Secure

    Hosting on our fast, secure platform, developers can not only save time but also money they’d otherwise spend on antivirus and firewall.

  • Scalable


    Cyfuture Cloud lets you scale your resources like - the most important cheap cloud storage India so you’re always geared up for the fast-changing landscape of web and application development.

  • Development-Ready


    Start writing codes right away with our development-ready platform. Alternatively, have all essential frameworks automatically installed onto your personal cloud storage in India and alleviate workloads.

Get High-Performance Cloud Storage Capability Delivered from Global Data Centers

  • 3 Datacenters

    3 Datacenters

    Select from our trio of Uptime Institute-certified Tier III datacenters for unparalleled reliability. Benefit from worldwide accessibility with our global delivery, perfectly suited for Cloud Storage in India. Whether you need Object Storage, Block Storage, or require budget-friendly solutions, our provider offers competitive pricing and expansive storage options.

  • 99.95% uptime

    99.95% uptime

    Experience uninterrupted service with our Cloud Storage India solutions. Our robust infrastructure guarantees that your apps are operational 99.99% of the time. We prioritize a seamless user experience, ensuring your customers receive exceptional service. Choose us as your reliable and budget-friendly storage provider with competitive pricing across Object Storage and Block Storage options.

  • PCI-DSS Compliant

    PCI-DSS Compliant

    Empower your transactions securely through our PCI-DSS compliant platform, seamlessly accepting payments from any corner of the globe. Utilize our reliable Cloud Storage India services, featuring object storage, block storage, and budget-friendly pricing, to manage and store your data effortlessly.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services

  • Accessibility


    Besides simply dragging and dropping files, Cyfuture's cloud storage allows one to perform a lot more actions. When your data is stored in our secure yet cheapest cloud storage, there is nothing to worry about. The level of accessibility will increase dramatically, so relax. A few mouse clicks will allow access to files from anywhere worldwide. Just reliable web connectivity is needed.

  • Exceptional Backup

    Exceptional Backup

    Any business endeavour cannot deny the necessity of backup services for catastrophe recovery. Every one of our services comes with backups, and catastrophe recovery after a move won't require a special request. For data storage and retrieval when necessary, it offers great options.

  • Superior Security

    Superior Security

    There is a common misconception that cloud security problems are due to the underlying structure of the Cloud, which is distributed across several servers. This lessens the potential of data loss due to hardware malfunctions. Data is, therefore, the most securely stored in a protected cloud storage service, and no other platform can offer the same degree of protection.

  • Economical


    One of the best cheap cloud storage options is offered by Cyfuture, whose prices have been reduced to reasonable levels. Cost-effectiveness will go to a whole new level as a result of this. Because of this, a company's internal resources may be applied to far more beneficial endeavours, such as development.

  • Scalability


    Cloud storage India from Cyfuture In the current data-driven technology, India prefers vertical scaling over horizontal scaling. By doing this, customers can scale whenever they want, regardless of the cloud storage environment. This offers the entire online cloud storage services system additional strength. In addition to scalability, this offers a ton of freedom and free storage space.

  • Simple Syncing and Sharing

    Simple Syncing and Sharing

    Distribution of files across all parties and administrations participating in safe cloud storage occurs quite easily. Depending on their degree of power, they can access all or only a portion of the infrastructure. A cloud storage provider in India also offers quick transfer when needed, which is the ideal benefit for your data. The data and papers may be quickly transferred to any other system with few procedures.

How Important is Cloud Storage for Business?

Services for cloud storage in India are unquestionably essential for organizations, particularly eCommerce, that must store a lot of data. Cyfuture provides a range of cloud storage India options for practically every business size, from sole proprietorships to massive corporations.

For instance, you can use cloud storage services if you own a small business and lack the means or expertise to maintain data storage. You can manage and handle your company data easily and effectively with cloud storage India services. Our managed cloud storage services can handle all your storage-related problems. Not only that, but cloud storage is also cost-effective and allows you to extend as your organization expands.

The same applies if you own a unicorn company, such as a manufacturing company, retail chain, or financial services firm. As a result, in both situations, you want a reputable cloud storage service like Cyfuture that can easily manage your data quantities.


  • SAP Certified

  • MEITY Empanelled

  • HIPPA Compliant

  • PCI DSS Compliant

  • CMMI Level V


  • ISO 20000-1:2011

  • Cyber Essential Plus Certified

  • BS EN 15713:2009

  • BS ISO 15489-1:2016



Our Key Differentiators

  • Block storage ranges between 100 GB to 32 TB
  • Single digit milisecond latencies.
  • Supports data encryption on volumes.
  • Create VM snapshots
  • Supports NFS drive.
  • Supports 60 IOPS per gb on VMs.
  • Use data encryption of 256 bit advanced encryption.
  • Supports encryption methods.
  • Supports digital key authentication for API security.
  • Supports managing the object storage.
  • Home directories, development platforms, and repositories for audio, video, and other files all use the file storage method.

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