Virtual Machines

Accelerate Virtual Machine Hosting in a Few Steps

With our Cyfuture Cloud VM hosting plans, you get scalability, flexibility, and speed to go online. We offer cloud plans at a low cost.

We have custom Cloud VM hosting plans to suit your need

Boost your task and get an exceptional experience with VM hosting powered by Intel Xeon Gold processors. Each cloud that is deployed uses NVMe + SAS SSD cloud storage. Our cloud offers Windows and Linux-based VM hosting.


Why you should choose VM hosting?

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  • Cost-Effective


    Most of the time, users can’t fully utilize their hardware resources. Instead of taking another server, users can spin up virtual servers.

  • Quicker Desktop Provisioning

    Quicker Desktop Provisioning

    Deploying a new physical server often takes a lot of time. With virtualization, users can deploy new servers in just a few steps by simply selecting pre-configured templates.

  • Smaller Footprint

    Smaller Footprint

    Using virtual hosting reduces office space. This also helps in maintaining infrastructure and also help in freeing up desk space.

  • Data Security

    Data Security

    Virtualization creates disaster recovery by replicating servers in the cloud. Since VMs are independent of the underlying hardware, organizations don’t require the same physical servers. If any issue occurs, users can go online with a low-cost disaster recovery solution.

  • Portability


    VM offers seamless portability, moving from one physical server to another VMs are isolated and have their virtual hardware, making them hardware independent.

Virtual Infrastructure for a Workload Domain

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