Save your organization from DoSS attacks with Cyfuture Cloud.

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, is a type of cyber attack that involves overwhelming a targeted website or network with traffic in an attempt to disrupt or disable its services. DDoS attacks are typically launched from multiple compromised devices or networks, which makes them difficult to defend against.

DDoS attacks can have serious consequences for organizations and individuals that are targeted. They can disrupt business operations, damage reputations, and incur significant financial losses. DDoS attacks can also cause problems for internet service providers (ISPs) and other organizations that are responsible for managing internet infrastructure, as they can strain resources and cause widespread disruptions.

Cyfuture Cloud offers L3 and L4 Anti-DDoS solution

Protection Against DDoS Attack

Cyfuture Cloud offers various DDoS protection measures to help defend against DDoS attacks. Here are the offerings

There are several types of DDoS attacks, including:

Application Server Scaling

Volume-based attacks
These attacks involve overwhelming a network with a large volume of traffic, such as a flood of packets or requests.

Protocol attacks
These attacks exploit vulnerabilities in the protocols that are used to transmit data across the internet, such as TCP or UDP.

Application layer attacks
These attacks target specific applications or services, such as a web server or database, by sending a large number of requests that are designed to consume resources or crash the application.

To defend against DDoS attacks, organizations can use a variety of strategies, such as implementing firewalls, load balancers, and intrusion detection systems, and working with ISPs to filter traffic and redirect it to scrubbing centers that can filter out malicious traffic.

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