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Customer FAQs

  • What to do if I forget my username?

    Your username will always be your email address.

  • What to do if I forget my password?

    Password can be easily reset by requesting a password reset email from the login page by clicking on “FORGOT PASSWORD?”. Apart from this we have a separate page under the name of “Password reset page”.

  • How to update my email address?

    If you want to update your email address, go to Profile from Sign-in-method section, click “Update” then select from the given options: Change email, use Google or use Facebook. On clicking Change email, a confirmation email will be sent to your current registered email address. Once you will click that link then only the procedure will move ahead.

  • Where to check when you are not receiving the email?

    Once an email for password has been sent, you should receive it immediately. But if you have not received after a few minutes then follow these steps -

    1. Check whether you are checking the right email address twice.

    2. 2. Check out for the “Password Reset” email in your spam folder and then make sure you add Cyfuture.com and Support@Cyfuture.com to your whitelist.

    3. Then at last if your email client needs it then check for new email earnestly.

  • Where to check if you are not receiving the email for verification code?

    Once you click for the verification code, the email is sent immediately. If you still don’t receive the email then check for email in your spam folder. For receiving emails in the future make sure you add Cyfuture.com to the whitelist.

  • What action I should take if I receive emails for sign in attempts that weren’t initiated by me?

    If you notice any fraudulent activity related to your Cyfuture account like receiving verification code email without signing in, then someone is trying to sign in fraudulently. Please reset your Cyfuture account password immediately to avoid any fraud.

  • What should I do if I cannot access my account?

    Try to restore access by following our cloud’s account recovery process.

Industry FAQs

  • Can we change the storage capacity for my already purchased cloud server package?

    Yes, definitely you can upgrade your storage capacity any time according to your business requirements.

  • Can we keep a copy of our managed cloud server?

    We don’t provide the copy, but you can on your own take a snapshot of your cloud server and then can create one of your own with the help of the snapshot.

  • Do you accept all forms of payment?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Pay Pal. To know about other payment options and plans please feel free to contact our sales team. They would explain you with the plans more elaborately.

  • Can we install and deploy our cloud server software on our own?

    Apart from providing world-class cloud servers, we want to empower our customers. Yes, you can very easily install, deploy and manage your whole setup. We have full documentation for our customers to guide them with every single detail. On facing any problem, you can contact our support center anytime.

  • Are taxes included within the monthly and hourly invoice?

    Taxes are an interim part of the payment and all the customers have to abide by the tax laws set by the government. To get further details, you can visit our tax information documentation or contact our sales team.

  • Will I be charged when my cloud servers are switched off?

    No, this is the beauty of self-customized and self-controlled cloud servers. You might not find this provision with many other organizations. There is no extra cost charged for the cloud servers that have been powered off.

  • How much time after purchasing your plan, will the setup be ready to work?

    We at Cyfuture make it sure that all your cloud servers start working at full throttle and are made ready to serve on the same day or even just after a few hours.