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Cutting-Edge Solutions for your Businesses

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    Comprehensive Security Measures

    Safeguard your data and operations with robust security protocols and compliance standards, ensuring peace of mind in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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    Advanced Networking Capabilities

    Optimize and manage your network with advanced capabilities, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced performance across your organization.

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    Advanced Storage Options

    Access advanced storage options, including object storage and data protection, designed to meet diverse requirements and enhance data resilience.

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    Advanced Cloud Management Tools

    Empower IT teams with advanced cloud management tools for efficient resource allocation, monitoring, and optimization, enhancing productivity and performance.

Propel Your Enterprise With our Cloud Solutions

Introducing Cyfuture's Enterprise Cloud, powered by VMWare. Tailored for large enterprises, it offers cutting-edge features to elevate business operations. Start with INR 10,000 credit to scale your business and reach new heights.

Cloud Enterprise Offerings

  • GPU


    Unlock Cyfuture's GPU Cloud for high-performance computing, machine learning, AI, and graphically intensive workloads. Flexible configurations and scalable infrastructure empower innovation confidently.

  • Kubernets


    Experience Kubernetes' pinnacle of container orchestration. It streamlines application deployment, scaling, and management across diverse environments, optimizing resources, scalability, and driving innovation.

  • Docker


    Docker revolutionizes app development and deployment with lightweight, scalable containerization, packaging apps and dependencies into consistent, portable units—a must-have for modern software pipelines.

  • CDN


    A Content Delivery Network (CDN) optimizes web content delivery by distributing it across servers worldwide, reducing latency and improving load times for global users.

  • Email Services

    Email Services

    Enjoy seamless email communication with Cyfuture Cloud's comprehensive hosting service. It offers unlimited mailboxes, calendars, contact management, advanced security, and protection from spam and unauthorized access.

  • Object Storage

    Object Storage

    Object storage manages data as objects, each with data, metadata, and a unique identifier. This eliminates the hierarchy for scalable, distributed data access and enhances enterprise data management and accessibility.

  • BAAS


    Backend as a Service (BaaS) is a cloud model that offers developers pre-built infrastructure for applications. It abstracts server, database, and authentication complexities, enabling developers to focus on front-end functionality.

  • Tanzu


    Tanzu, an enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform, streamlines container orchestration, automates deployment and boosts developer productivity. It accelerates digital transformation across multiple clouds for businesses.



    Database as a Service (DBaaS) simplifies cloud computing by offering managed database instances, eliminating manual infrastructure management. It abstracts database complexities for seamless, scalable data storage and management solutions.



    Our DRaaS solution ensures business continuity with seamless data and application replication and recovery during disasters, featuring automated failover and continuous data protection.

Solutions That Propel Your Enterprise Forward

Managed Services

Cyfuture's managed cloud services optimize business operations by offloading cloud management responsibilities. We provide expert guidance and proactive monitoring, ensuring seamless, efficient, reliable, and scalable cloud infrastructure operations.

Cyfuture Cloud optimizes AWS management services. It enables businesses to maximize Amazon's cloud platform potential, streamline environments, optimize costs, and enhance security for strategic innovation and goals.

Maximize Microsoft Azure's value with Cyfuture Cloud's managed services, providing comprehensive support for deployments, infrastructure management, application optimization, ensuring seamless operations, and fostering continuous innovation.

Cyfuture Cloud optimizes Google Cloud Platform (GCP), enhancing performance, reliability, and security to maximize cloud service benefits and drive efficiency and innovation.

Cyfuture Cloud specializes in Oracle Cloud management, ensuring optimized deployments with expert support for seamless operations, cost efficiency, and security compliance.

Leverage Cyfuture Cloud's managed services for IBM Cloud, optimizing performance and accelerating innovation to drive business growth and success in the cloud.


Cyfuture Cloud offers comprehensive security services to protect data, applications, and infrastructure in cloud environments. Our solutions ensure integrity, availability, and scalability against unauthorized access and breaches.

  • Isolated dedicated rule-defined firewall capabilities.
  • Layer 4 and layer 7 security.
  • Detects and mitigate attacks in real-time by filtering out malicious traffic.
  • Divert traffic to scrubbing centers, maintaining service availability.
  • SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Application-layer threats
  • Stimulates the execution of potentially malicious files or code in a controlled environment.
  • Detects and analyzes advanced threats.
  • Collect and correlate data from various sources.
  • Identify and responds to security incidents

Combine orchestration, automation and incident response into a single platform. Streamlines and automates security process

Identity & access management along with continuous monitoring & analysis Network segmentation and policy based access control.

Data and AI

At Cyfuture Cloud, we innovate with Azure to create an AI platform using vast datasets for instant answers, driving business growth through actionable insights and solutions

Empower your organization with Cyfuture Cloud's Data Lake solution, offering a centralized repository for structured and unstructured data at scale. Integrated seamlessly with Azure services, it facilitates data ingestion, storage, and analysis, driving informed decision-making.

Cyfuture Cloud's Data Warehouse leverages Azure technology for scalable compute and storage, enabling real-time analytics with advanced querying and robust security features.

Driving Growth
Tailored Enterprise Cloud Solutions for Every Sector

Retail & E-commerce

Our Enterprise Cloud enhances retail and e-commerce operations with scalable infrastructure and advanced analytics, enabling dynamic pricing and real-time management for enhanced digital marketplace agility and competitiveness.

Retail & E-commerce


Cyfuture Cloud provides tailored cloud services meeting BFSI sector's strict security needs with encrypted storage, resilient infrastructure, and advanced threat detection for secure transaction management and data protection.



Integrate Enterprise Cloud with healthcare services to deliver personalized care, improve efficiency, and meet regulatory requirements in a secure and scalable environment.



Enhance manufacturing processes with Enterprise Cloud, using IoT sensors, predictive analytics, and real-time monitoring to optimize production, maintenance, reduce downtime, and drive innovation.


Media & Entertainment

Cyfuture's cloud solution for media delivers high-performance CDN and scalable storage, ensuring global reach, seamless scalability, optimized costs, and maximized viewer engagement.

Media & Entertainment

Data Center Nexus Spanning the Globe

Welcome to Cyfuture Cloud's global data center nexus, linking strategic locations for seamless connectivity and optimal performance with state-of-the-art infrastructure and robust security for unparalleled data reliability.

Data Center Nexus Spanning the Globe

Dynamic Solutions to Meet Every Business Challenge

  • Cloud Migration

  • Managed Cloud

  • DevOps Services

  • Security as a Service

  • Cloud Optimization

  • Cloud Operations

  • Cloud Consulting Services

  • Disaster Recovery Services

  • SaaS Implementation

  • Customer App Develpment

  • Enterprise Application

  • Cloud Migration

Technology Partner

Cyfuture Cloud closely collaborates with a diverse array of businesses to leverage leading-edge innovations and foster sustainable growth. Through our expertise and unwavering dedication, we guarantee seamless integration, robust solutions, and ongoing support, empowering your business to flourish amidst today's dynamic landscape.