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Experience Cloud Excellence: Cyfuture Cloud Delivers Next-Gen Public & Private Cloud Solutions Powered by VMware

Welcome to Cyfuture Cloud, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled cloud solutions. Our platform brings together the best of public and private cloud environments, powered by VMware, to empower your business with seamless scalability, enhanced security, and unmatched performance. With Cyfuture Cloud, you can unleash the full potential of your digital transformation journey and achieve new heights of productivity and innovation.

Public and private clouds are two distinct models for delivering cloud computing services. In a public cloud, resources and infrastructure are owned and managed by a Cyfuture Cloud and made available to multiple organizations or individuals over the internet. This shared environment offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency as users pay for what they consume. On the other hand, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organization and is either hosted internally or managed by Cyfuture Cloud. It provides greater control, security, and customization options, as it operates within the organization's own network or data center. Private clouds are ideal for businesses with stringent security requirements, specific compliance needs, or those seeking enhanced control over their data and applications.

Are you ready to revolutionize your cloud experience? Discover the power of Cyfuture Cloud, the ultimate destination for public and private cloud solutions powered by VMware. Experience unrivaled performance, ironclad security, and limitless scalability. Take your business to the next level with our transformative cloud offerings. Get started today and unlock the true potential of your enterprise.

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Common Features

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Virtual Machine (VM) Hypervisor

    Cyfuture Cloud incorporates a robust VM hypervisor, such as VMware ESXi, which enables the creation, management, and efficient allocation of virtual machines. The hypervisor abstracts underlying hardware resources, facilitating secure and isolated execution environments for multiple VMs, optimizing resource utilization and enabling advanced features like live migration and high availability.

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

    Cyfuture Cloud leverages VMware's SDS technology, such as vSAN, for scalable and distributed storage management. SDS abstracts physical storage devices and provides a virtualized storage layer, allowing for dynamic provisioning, data redundancy, and advanced storage services like snapshots, deduplication, and encryption

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Network Virtualization

    With VMware NSX integration, Cyfuture Cloud implements network virtualization, decoupling network services from the underlying hardware infrastructure. This enables the creation of virtual networks, logical switches, and routers, bringing agility and flexibility to network provisioning, micro-segmentation for enhanced security, and seamless integration with containerized environments.

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Automated Resource Management

    Cyfuture Cloud, powered by VMware vRealize Suite, offers advanced resource management capabilities. It enables automated workload placement, resource optimization, and intelligent resource allocation based on policies, ensuring optimal utilization of CPU, memory, storage, and network resources across the cloud infrastructure.

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Advanced Monitoring and Analytics

    Cyfuture Cloud incorporates VMware vRealize Operations, providing comprehensive monitoring and analytics for the cloud environment. It enables real-time performance monitoring, capacity planning, and proactive issue detection, leveraging machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics to optimize resource usage, identify anomalies, and facilitate efficient troubleshooting.

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    Cyfuture Cloud, integrated with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), delivers enterprise-grade disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities. SRM automates the failover and failback processes, ensuring seamless recovery of virtualized workloads in the event of a disaster or disruption. It offers features like non-disruptive testing, planned migrations, and centralized management of recovery plans, enabling businesses to achieve stringent recovery objectives with minimal downtime and data loss.

Why is VMware Cloud important for Businesses?

Public and private clouds are essential for businesses as they provide scalability, agility, and cost efficiency. Public clouds allow organizations to rapidly scale resources and handle fluctuations in demand without upfront investments, while private clouds offer control and customization options for sensitive data and applications. Both models ensure enhanced security measures, with private clouds providing additional control over data. Furthermore, public and private clouds offer robust disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring business continuity and minimizing downtime. By leveraging the strengths of public and private clouds, businesses can achieve optimal resource utilization, cost savings, flexibility, and resilience to drive their digital transformation and competitive advantage.

  • 50%+ Cost Savings Achievable.
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee Assured
  • Enhanced Data Security Measures
  • Rapid Scalability for Growth
  • Streamlined IT Management Simplified
  • Business Continuity Ensured Always

VMware Cloud FAQs

Why Us?

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Breathe Cloud

    Our unparalleled domain expertise and strong cloud migration capabilities ensure transition and implementation as smooth as breathing itself.

  • Result Oriented

    Result Oriented

    Our reliable, agile, and high performing data centers and migration premises make the sophisticated processes prompt, convenient, and safe to work on.

  • Resilience


    Cyfuture always provides its service offerings in full adherence to our client’s requirements and market conditions. You get an instant access to the resources you need.

  • Become an Enterprise

    Become an Enterprise

    When you get cloud much swifter along with high performing, deft, and scalable solutions, you can get back to working on the core competencies of your business.

  • Unparalleled User Experience

    User Experience

    We help businesses to get an IT infrastructure makeover with no hassle.

  • Futurefic Infrastructure

    Futurefic Infrastructure

    State-of-the-art infrastructure capable of handling diverse and advanced workloads

  • Strong partnerships

    Strong partnerships

    Our partnerships with leading cloud service providers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Alibaba help us create robust Multi-Cloud architectures

  • Custom-built Solutions

    Custom-built Solutions

    Living up to our reputation of being a custom-centric cloud service provider, we let you customize our offering to fit your size and scale.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Flexible Payment Options

    A wide range of payment options optimize pricing and trim down the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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