Azure Cloud Hosting

Azure Cloud Hosting

Unleash Innovation with Azure: Lead Technological Frontiers, Transform Your Business

Deploy agile applications and augment your competitive edge by harnessing the power of Azure Cloud, expertly managed by Cyfuture Cloud– a customizable, user-friendly platform that simplifies your journey, capitalizing on your concepts and turning innovations into successful ventures.

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Stay On Top With Our Azure Cloud Hosting Technical Specification



  • Virtual Machines (VMs): High-capacity VMs from basic A-series to memory-intensive M-series where you can do customizations.
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets: Auto scale and template VM provisioning depending on the load.
  • Azure Batch: Managed service for directly executing software for computational purposes on multiple stack based or high-performance computing.
  • Azure Functions: Architecture based on the serverless approach for handling the event-driven systems and the microservices (Event-Driven architecture for event-driven systems and microservices).
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Managed Kubernetes services that scale for application deployment and management.


  • Azure Blob Storage: Multipurpose object storage, which can be scaled accordingly, flexibly supporting the storage of unstructured data through an access tiering approach for cost optimization.
  • Azure Files: Centrally managed and controlled file shares that are accessed through using the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol, an industry-standard.
  • Azure Disks: Large-capacity disk storage that provides several performance tiers as a persistent and secured virtual machine (VM) data storage.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage: Praises immense-sized, safe data pool to use for Big Data analytics projects.
  • Azure NetApp Files: With NetApp technology-based enterprise Azure file shares which are file share.


  • Virtual Network (VNet): The creation of quasi-virtual environments and private networks in which all settings including DNS addresses, IP ranges, and security policies are entirely tailored by the user.
  • Load Balancer: Fault tolerant and secure load balancing system monitoring and spread traffic transactions to many instances.
  • Application Gateway: Powerful web traffic load balancer with advanced traffic rules and web application firewall using.
  • VPN Gateway: Ensure the site-to-site and point-to-site connectivity from premises resources to Azure resources by using a secure connection.
  • Azure DNS: Provide a trustworthy and stable DNS with features for managing traffic.


  • Azure SQL Database: Completely managed telecommunications service for deploying applications with relational database support.
  • Azure Database for MySQL/PostgreSQL: Management of MySQL and PostgreSQL is fully provided.
  • Azure Cosmos DB: Nevertheless, TMDB is the world's most wide-spread, distributed, multi-model cross-database service with both global hosting and integrated transparent replication between masters.
  • Azure Redis Cache: Large data store that is fully managed by the system and contains data in memory for easy access, rapid rate, and low latency.


  • Azure Synapse Analytics: This unitless service which creates data integration, data warehousing, and big data analytics.
  • Azure Data Factory: Composition of data storage, movement, and processing services in cloud base database by integration of the data integration service.
  • Azure Data Explorer: Highly available and quick log and telemetry data exploration service, for quickly analyzing what is happening in product uptake and usage.
  • Azure Data Lake Analytics: Provide a service for sensing distributer analytics to work with huge parallel data transformation and process programs.
AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

  • Azure Machine Learning: Developing, training and deploying ML models with noised environments (cloud-based), at the same time, and for multiple users.
  • Azure Cognitive Services: Think pre-built AI services for image recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, knowledge based, and search engines.
  • Azure Bot Service: A modern and secure cloud service for creating dialogue and interactive AI experiences.
Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

  • Azure Security Center: Across the entire performance management system system unified infrastructure security approach for fortification posture of your organization.
  • Azure Key Vault: Secure and centralized storage, where we keep application secrets, encryption keys, and certificates.
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD): FOIPA solution to cloud applications security that is complete and provides access control.
  • Azure Policy: Keep organizational policy in place and assess adherence from across the resources in your Azure.
DevOps and Management

DevOps and Management

  • Azure Devops for the cooperation of all the stages of the development including source control, testing, and CI/CD.
  • Azure Monitor to monitor the logging performance, maintaining the security, and detecting problems.
  • Creating Azure Resource Manager for scheduling and provisioning Azure resources.
  • Azure Automation: Cloud-hosted company operating systems and tools for provisioning and management of Azure and non-Azure resources.

Cyfuture Cloud Perspective: Azure Cloud Hosting

At Cyfuture Cloud, we have come to understand that Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting has the ability to bring such transformation, and it can be particularly useful for those businesses that are seeking to drive innovation, speed, and growth. When we help organizations to fully appreciate Azure as a platform, they become capable of tapping into its expansive array of services and exhilarating technologies towards the desired end.

Over the years we have acquired Azure cloud service professionalism and therefore we offer the wide range of services starting from designing up to deploying and optimazing Azure Cloud environments and everything is tailored according to our customer's special needs. A group of certified Azure technicians with us knows the Azure CDN services inside out, beginning from the virtual machines to the vast variety of storage solutions, to advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning capabilities.

Cyfuture's Cloud's philosophy is more than simply providing a conventionway of infrastructure. We work together closely with our clients in order to create a cloud strategy that is adjusted specifically to their business targets, displaying streamline transitions, optimal utilization of resources and cost efficiency. The experts we recruit to work for us provide complete solutions in cloud hosting, from initial architecture design and deployment to ongoing monitoring and maintenance and planning for future-proofing of Azure cloud environments.

On the top of that, not security and compliance but these are the pillars for our compliance offerings in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Taking Azure's powerful security and regulatory compliance components, including Azure Security Center, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Active Directory, we provide our clients with an environment where their data and applications are fully, insured, and compliant with worldwide regulations. Such level of unflinching dedication to safety does make it possible for organizations to remain focused on their core pursuits by leaving the security of their cloud architecture to a trustworthy entity Cyfuture Cloud.

Why Choose Cyfuture Cloud For Azure Cloud Hosting?

Amidst the ever-changing digital environment, businesses attempt to find the best cloud service which is not only streamlined but gives their operations the boost of agility, scalability, and innovation. In fact, when we talk about Azure cloud hosting, Cyfuture cloud shines as the best fit, which represents a wide spectrum of services and an undoubted flawlessness for quality.

In Cyfuture Cloud, we never hesitate to brag our team of Microsoft Azure certified specialists that have the right mix of technical experience to create, deploy and maintain Azure cloud infrastructure. Azure staff are at the forefront of using this service, which gives them the means of providing many customizing approaches that the business can choose, whatever the solution is needed - migration or building new cloud native applications.

The way Cyfuture Cloud is different from others is the fact that our model of Azure Cloud Hosting is actually complete and rounded. We aim to deliver more than infrastructure provision. We intend to guide our clients since they start their cloud journey through the complete end-to-end support process. Starting from the phase of envisioning the architecture and implementation to the ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and future-proofing of your Azure environment we have a dedicated team that takes this responsibility and keeps everything always optimized for you.

On the second point, Cyfuture Cloud has zero-tolerance for any security or compliance breaches which are the basic pillars in our mission. Our security measures are built using a security foundation provided by Azure, including Azure Security Center, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Active Directory. We apply stringent data and application security measures through these robust tools. Accordingly, we guarantee conformance with requirements of regulations and best practices which puts you at absolute peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on business innovation without your security breaches.

Cyfuture is a reliable partner. Hence, if you hand your cloud hosting services to Cyfuture, it provides you to unleash all the power of MS Azure into your business. With us serving as allies along the way, you can count on us at all phases of your cloud experience with our unending support and excellence. Azure is a platform with scalable, agile and world-class capabilities that will undoubtedly pave the way for you as you embrace and leverage the cloud.

Our Advanced Feature Offerings

  • Azure Landing Zones

    The best practices and the guide on how to build the look like Azure environments that are secure, scalable, and well defined.

  • Azure Governance and Cost Management

    Robust governance policies, cost decrease, and estate management approaches.

  • Azure Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    The Azure cloud contains feature sets that permit seamless integration and workload from on-premises to Azure.

  • Azure DevOps and Automation

    CI/CD pipelines, building, testing, release engineering, and Infrastructure as Code.

  • Azure Advanced Security and Compliance

    Extensive safeguarding, incident response, data encryption, and keeping in with the compliance rules.

  • Azure High-Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions

    HPC cloud environments designed to be large scale and are cost-efficient to suit the needs of all organizations.

  • Azure Data and Analytics Solutions

    Data engineering Ethics (WEE), data processing/analytic, as well as model development and communication.

In India, multiple Azure Cloud Hosting providers offer various hosting packages, but we are paramount.

  • Seamless Adoption with Azure

    Seamless Adoption with Azure

    Azure leverages familiar Microsoft technologies like Visual Studio, ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic, and C++, enabling enterprises to develop applications with minimal learning curves, leveraging their existing skillsets and expertise.

  • Unparalleled Interoperability

    Unparalleled Interoperability

    Azure empowers businesses to develop integrated applications across diverse operations, seamlessly incorporating open standards such as SOAP and HTTP, fostering seamless interoperability and collaboration.

  • Granular Access Management

    Granular Access Management

    Azure's Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities allow for highly customizable user access controls, ensuring that users only have access to specific information and resources as per their roles and permissions.

  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem

    Seamless Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem

    For enterprises heavily reliant on Microsoft tools and technologies, Azure offers a natural fit, enabling them to seamlessly integrate new technologies with their existing Microsoft product stack, maximizing their investments and minimizing disruptions.

  • Unmatched Scalability

    Unmatched Scalability

    Azure's unparalleled scalability ensures that resources can be dynamically scaled up or down, catering to demands ranging from just five users to millions, without compromising performance or availability.

  • Powerful Analytics Capabilities

    Powerful Analytics Capabilities

    Azure's robust analytics capabilities enable businesses to unlock valuable insights from their data, empowering them to optimize processes, make informed decisions, and drive innovation.


  • SAP

    SAP Certified


    MEITY Empanelled


    HIPPA Compliant


    PCI DSS Compliant

  • CMMI Level

    CMMI Level V



  • ISO

    ISO 20000-1:2011

  • Cyber Essential Plus

    Cyber Essential Plus Certified

  • BS EN

    BS EN 15713:2009

  • BS ISO

    BS ISO 15489-1:2016



Our Key Differentiators

  • Extensive Azure Expertise
  • End-to-End Cloud Services
  • Seamless Cloud Migration
  • Optimized Performance and Cost Efficiency
  • Robust Security and Compliance
  • Proactive Support and Expertise
  • Tailored Solutions and Personalized Service

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