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Woocommerce Hosting

Build, promote and start selling anywhere, anytime on the world's biggest online store platform backed by the powerful tools of our WooCommerce Hosting.

Know About Cyfuture Cloud WooCommerce Hosting

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that gives more power to eCommerce when amalgamated with WordPress. But its plugins are very much different from others. Most importantly, WordPress and WooCommerce are free and open source, so they're great options for building your store.

Cyfuture Cloud provides for its WooCommerce Hosting platform – unlimited customizability, zero licensing fees, and many more perks.

Key Benefits of Choosing Cyfuture Cloud WooCommerce Hosting

Cyfuture Cloud offers security, lightning speed, scalability, and more for the growth of your business through our best and most well-designed WooCommerce hosting plans.

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    Round-the-clock Expert Support

    We resolve your WooCommerce queries swiftly and efficiently. We have a 24/7 support team of pro WooCommerce experts that can help our customers with plugins and integration issues. We make you stress-free so that you run your WooCommerce store smoothly.

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    Security is the primary concern of almost every online store. Our WooCommerce servers instantly block malware, fraudulent attempts and attacks to keep stores safe and secure. Thanks to our powerful servers, we stick to the highest security protocols.

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    Lightning PageSpeed

    Be reassured about the latest updates with our WooCommerce hosting. We automatically update WooCommerce stores to ensure the client's site runs on the newest versions and is safe against threats.

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    With our woocommerce hosting platform, you don't need to check for WordPress-related updates manually. We keep your core WordPress site updated with the plugins, PHP versions and more. With this, you get reliability and optimized performance and avoid security threats.

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    WooCommerce Optimization

    Speed is a highly crucial factor for the success of WooCommerce. Cyfuture Cloud offers the fastest WooCommerce hosting, wherein our servers are configured specifically to optimize your site's speed. Plus, it helps to boost core web vital metrics automatically.

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    Grow without Limits

    Your WooCommerce store needs extra storage, power and more. With our WooCommerce hosting plans, you get all these and much more. Choose us as your cloud partner and keep your store online during the peak shopping season.

Powerful Features to Scale Your Online Store

At Cyfuture Cloud, we aim to take your business to new heights. Thus, to make it possible, we include many essential features with our managed WooCommerce hosting to increase sales and stand out.

  • SSD

    Our Solid State Drives (SSDs) deliver spinning rust. To make your online stores run faster than ever, we use servers consolidated with SSDs. That means 100% better performance than traditional HDD hard drives.

  • SSL Protection

    We issue encryption SSL certificates for our customers' online stores to secure all the transactions on online stores. In addition, an SSL certificate also helps to up your SEO rankings.

  • PHP Versions

    You can change various PHP versions if you choose us as your cloud partner.

  • Dedicated Firewall

    At Cyfuture cloud, we block all threats or any malicious traffic. We perform firmware updates and patches frequently, so WooCommerce stores remain safe and secure from vulnerabilities.

  • Staging Tool

    Our WooCommerce hosting packages include a staging tool that lets our clients create a store safely by testing any changes on a staging copy before making them live.

  • Backups

    The loss of data means a loss in business. This is why here at Cyfuture Cloud, we offer automatic daily cloud backups. With this, the client can keep all the store's files, folders, and databases safe. We recover all the data instantly if, in any case, data is corrupted or deleted.

Power up with Cyfuture Cloud WooCommerce extensions

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    With the help of our WooCommerce extensions, you can easily accept credit card payments and eChecks using Authorize.Net, or you're able to choose from numerous payment methods.

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    Cart and Checkout

    To boost revenue at the point of sale of a client's business, we offer a wide range of checkout options, including WooCommerce checkout add-ons.

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    We offer numerous benefits, like product add-ons, particular messages, gift wrapping, managing product vendors and other enhancements.

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    With a full breadth of merchandising add-ons like nested category layout, you can brand, create, assign and list products.

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    With our helpful tools, we can help you add products and manage clients' inventory – such as software add-ons.

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    Give options to your customers to sell products and services with tools like WooCommerce Subscriptions.

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    Store Management

    We utilize add-ons for total management oversight, store customer information, track costs and profit and track advanced ecommerce events with WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro.

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    Experience Enhancements

    You can get expert help, quick WooCommerce onboarding and intelligent recommendations.

Why choose WooCommerce for your store?

WordPress is a platform that empowers millions of web admins to create any website without any coding knowledge. And the WooCommerce project takes it one step further. It opens the door of e-commerce for countless online businesses and stores!

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