WordPress-intel 6.1.1

WordPress-intel 6.1.1


WordPress for Intel is a version of the popular blogging platform that has been optimized to run on Intel Xeon Scalable processors, specifically the third-generation Ice Lake architecture. This version of WordPress includes built-in cryptography acceleration that takes advantage of the processor's hardware-level security features, resulting in improved performance and better protection against cyber threats.

  • Optimized for Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Ice Lake)
  • Includes built-in cryptography acceleration for improved security and performance
  • Compatible with WordPress plugins and themes
  • Offers a user-friendly interface for managing website content
  • Provides access to a large library of free and paid plugins for added functionality
  • Supports multiple users with varying levels of permissions and access

WordPress for Intel is ideal for individuals and businesses that require high-performance and secure blogging or content management systems. It can be used by bloggers, publishers, news organizations, e-commerce businesses, and more. One example use case is a media company that needs to quickly publish news articles with secure communication between journalists and editors. Another use case is an e-commerce website that requires a secure platform for managing product listings and customer data.

To use WordPress for Intel, follow these steps:

  1. Install the software on a server that supports Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Ice Lake).
  2. Choose a theme and customize the website's appearance.
  3. Install plugins to add functionality and improve website performance.
  4. Create and publish content using the user-friendly interface.
  5. Manage users and their permissions as needed.
  6. Regularly update the software and plugins to ensure optimal performance and security.

  • Built for Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Ice Lake) using the latest hardware-level security features
  • Includes Intel's Data Protection Technology with Secure Key for cryptographic acceleration
  • Supports PHP 7.4 and higher, which provides improved performance compared to earlier versions
  • Compatible with MySQL and MariaDB databases
  • Offers a REST API for accessing and managing website content
  • Supports the latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

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