etcd 3.5.7

etcd 3.5.7


etcd is a distributed, consistent key-value store that provides a reliable way to store data across a cluster of machines. It was developed by CoreOS and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). etcd is widely used in cloud-native computing environments to provide a highly available and fault-tolerant data store for critical system information, configuration, and coordination. It provides a simple, lightweight, and flexible API that allows developers to access the key-value store using various programming languages. The API also supports advanced features like transactional updates, watch notifications, and time-based key expirations. The design of etcd ensures that it is easy to deploy, manage, and scale, making it an ideal choice for modern distributed systems.

  • Distributed architecture for fault tolerance and scalability
  • Consistent data replication across multiple machines
  • Easy-to-use API with support for multiple programming languages
  • Lightweight and efficient with a small memory footprint
  • Highly available with automatic leader election and failover capabilities
  • Security features like TLS encryption and authentication mechanisms

  • Configuration management: Etcd can be used to store and manage configuration data for distributed systems. It allows applications to read and write configuration data in real-time, ensuring that changes are immediately reflected across the system.
  • Service discovery: Etcd can be used as a service registry to keep track of available services in a distributed system. Services can register their location and status in etcd, and other services can easily discover and connect to them.

  • Install etcd on a cluster of machines
  • Use the etcd API to write and read data from the key-value store
  • Use etcd client libraries in your application to interact with the key-value store
  • Configure etcd to ensure high availability and security

  • Written in Go programming language
  • Uses the Raft consensus algorithm for distributed coordination and leader election
  • Supports TLS encryption for secure communication
  • Provides an HTTP API with support for CRUD operations on key-value pairs
  • Supports watch notifications to enable real-time updates to applications

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