dokuwiki 20220731.1.0

dokuwiki 20220731.1.0


DokuWiki is a popular open-source wiki software that is designed to be simple, lightweight, and easy to install. It is built using PHP and uses plain text files instead of a database to store content, which makes it fast and easy to manage. DokuWiki is used by many organizations, including businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations, to create and manage knowledge bases, documentation, and other collaborative content.

  • Simple and intuitive editing interface
  • Built-in support for multimedia content, including images and videos
  • Flexible and powerful plugin system for extending functionality
  • Granular access controls for managing user permissions
  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Documentation: DokuWiki is widely used for creating and managing documentation, knowledge bases, and other collaborative content. It is particularly useful for teams working on software projects or other technical projects.
  • Education: DokuWiki is also used by many schools and universities as a platform for creating and sharing course content, lecture notes, and other educational materials.

  • Install DokuWiki on a web server or local machine
  • Configure basic settings, such as the site name and default language
  • Create and organize pages using the built-in editor
  • Add multimedia content and use plugins to extend functionality
  • Manage users and permissions to control access to content

  • DokuWiki is built using PHP and requires a web server with PHP support to run
  • Content is stored in plain text files, which makes it easy to manage and backup
  • DokuWiki uses a simple markup language for formatting content
  • Plugins can be installed and managed using the built-in plugin manager
  • DokuWiki is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is free and open-source software

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