Contour-operator 1.24.0

Contour-operator 1.24.0


Contour Operator is a Kubernetes operator that automates the deployment and management of the Contour Ingress controller. It simplifies the installation, scaling, and configuration of Contour by providing a declarative way to manage the lifecycle of the Contour pods, CRDs, and associated resources in Kubernetes clusters.

  • Automated deployment and management of Contour Ingress controller
  • Declarative way to manage Contour lifecycle in Kubernetes
  • Simplified installation and scaling of Contour
  • Integration with Kubernetes native resources like Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)
  • Supports multiple Contour instances in a single Kubernetes cluster
  • Ability to configure Contour with custom parameters

  1. Simplified Ingress Controller Management: Contour Operator simplifies the management of the Contour Ingress controller, providing a declarative way to install, scale, and manage the lifecycle of Contour resources in Kubernetes clusters. This streamlines the installation and configuration process, making it easier for DevOps teams to manage and operate their Kubernetes environments.
  2. Multi-tenant Kubernetes Clusters: With Contour Operator, it is easy to deploy and manage multiple instances of Contour in a single Kubernetes cluster. This is useful in scenarios where there are multiple teams or applications that require their own dedicated Ingress controller instance. Contour Operator allows each team or application to have its own instance of Contour, providing isolation and flexibility.

  1. Install Contour Operator on a Kubernetes cluster using Helm or kubectl.
  2. Create a Contour instance using a custom resource definition (CRD) in Kubernetes.
  3. Define the required configuration parameters for the Contour instance.
  4. Deploy and manage the Contour instance using the Contour Operator.
  5. Scale the Contour instance as required by updating the CRD.

  • Contour Operator is built using the Kubernetes Operator SDK and is available as a Helm chart or as a YAML manifest.
  • Contour Operator uses Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to define the configuration and management of Contour instances.
  • Contour Operator integrates with other Kubernetes native resources like ConfigMaps, Secrets, and ServiceAccounts to manage the lifecycle of Contour resources.
  • Contour Operator supports multiple versions of Contour and Envoy proxy.

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