Common 2.2.4

Common 2.2.4


Common 2.2.4 is a library Helm chart designed to help with grouping common logic between Bitnami charts. It provides a set of utilities and functions that can be used by other charts to simplify their deployment and configuration. The chart is not intended to be deployed by itself, but rather as a dependency of other Bitnami charts that make use of its shared functionality.

  • Provides a common library of utilities and functions for Bitnami charts
  • Simplifies deployment and configuration of Bitnami charts by eliminating redundant code
  • Can be used as a dependency by other charts to access its shared functionality
  • Regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of other Bitnami charts
  • Can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual charts

  1. Simplifying Deployment: Common 2.2.4 can be used by Bitnami chart developers to simplify the deployment process of their own charts. By using the shared functionality provided by Common, developers can eliminate redundant code and focus on the unique aspects of their chart.
  2. Standardizing Configurations: By using Common 2.2.4 as a dependency, multiple Bitnami charts can share the same configuration logic. This helps to standardize configurations across different charts and ensures consistency in how they are deployed and configured.

  1. Add Common 2.2.4 as a dependency in the values.yaml file of the Bitnami chart that requires its shared functionality.
  2. Modify the values.yaml file to customize the shared functionality of Common, if necessary.
  3. Deploy the Bitnami chart as usual, and Common will automatically be included and provide its shared functionality.

  • Common 2.2.4 is written in YAML and uses the Helm chart package manager.
  • It is compatible with Kubernetes and can be deployed to any Kubernetes cluster.
  • The chart is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of other Bitnami charts.
  • Common is not intended to be deployed as a standalone chart, but rather as a dependency of other Bitnami charts.

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