Cert-manager 1.11.0

Cert-manager 1.11.0


Cert-manager is a Kubernetes add-on that automates the management and issuance of TLS certificates. It is designed to work natively with Kubernetes resources and offers a variety of customization options for certificate issuance and renewal. Cert-manager is a critical component in securing Kubernetes workloads, allowing for seamless certificate management across multiple clusters and environments.

  • Automates TLS certificate issuance and management
  • Integrates with Kubernetes natively
  • Provides a flexible and customizable certificate management system
  • Supports multiple certificate authorities, including Let's Encrypt and custom CAs
  • Offers a web interface for certificate management and monitoring
  • Provides real-time certificate monitoring and alerting

  1. Secure HTTPS communication: Cert-manager can be used to automatically issue and manage TLS certificates for Kubernetes workloads, ensuring secure HTTPS communication between services and users.
  2. Multi-cluster certificate management: Cert-manager enables centralized certificate management for Kubernetes clusters across multiple environments, streamlining the management of TLS certificates at scale.

  • Install Cert-manager on a Kubernetes cluster
  • Configure the certificate issuer and request certificates using Kubernetes resources
  • Monitor and manage certificates using the Cert-manager web interface or command-line tools
  • Enable automatic renewal of certificates using Cert-manager's renewal mechanism

  • Written in Go
  • Utilizes Kubernetes custom resources and controllers to manage certificates
  • Supports multiple certificate authorities, including Let's Encrypt, Venafi, and HashiCorp Vault
  • Offers integration with popular ingress controllers such as Nginx and Istio
  • Provides detailed certificate lifecycle management, including certificate requests, issuance, renewal, and revocation
  • Supports certificate management automation through the use of cert-manager webhooks
  • Open-source project released under the Apache 2.0 license

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