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Cyfuture Cloud offers affordable Forex hosting with rapid processing and robust security. Trade forex globally with confidence, enjoying unmatched connectivity, and trade automation even during outages or sleep.

Experience unparalleled performance, lightning-fast execution, and 24/7 reliability. Our tailored servers meet forex traders' unique demands, ensuring precise trade execution through ultra-low latency connections to top brokers and a resilient infrastructure. To empower your Forex trading with our Forex Cloud Hosting.

Unlock every market opportunity with our dedicated support. Your success, our priority.

Choose What Fits For You

Plan Pricing RAM Processor Storage Data Trasfer Email Support  
2 GB RAM - 2 vCore From Rs. 950.00/mo 2 GB 2 vCore 30 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
4 GB RAM - 2 vCore From Rs. 1,400.00/mo 4 GB 2 vCore 40 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
8 GB RAM - 4 vCore From Rs. 2,650.00/mo 8 GB 4 vCore 50 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
16 GB RAM - 4 vCore From Rs. 4,300.00/mo 16 GB 4 vCore 60 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
16 GB RAM - 8 vCore From Rs. 6,150.00/mo 16 GB 8 vCore 80 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
32 GB RAM - 8 vCore From Rs. 8,400.00/mo 32 GB 8 vCore 80 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
32 GB RAM - 16 vCore From Rs. 10,400.00/mo 32 GB 16 vCore 160 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
64 GB RAM - 16 vCore From Rs. 17,000.00/mo 64 GB 16 vCore 200 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
64 GB RAM - 32 vCore From Rs. 20,200.00/mo 64 GB 32 vCore 200 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
128 GB RAM - 32 vCore From Rs. 33,250.00/mo 128 GB 32 vCore 250 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
128 GB RAM - 64 vCore From Rs. 39,900.00/mo 128 GB 64 vCore 300 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now
256 GB RAM -64 vCore From Rs. 66,500.00/mo 256 GB 64 vCore 500 GB NVMe SSD Unlimited 24x7 Buy Now

Forex Cloud Hosting Technical Specification

Forex Cloud Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

  • Multiple cores for efficient multitasking
  • Adequate memory to handle trading software and data
  • SSD-based storage
  • High-speed, low-latency network connectivity
  • Choice of popular Linux distributions
Forex Cloud Hosting Services

Network Connectivity

  • High-speed connectivity to major financial exchanges
  • Dual or multiple network connections for enhanced reliability.
  • Robust DDoS Protection against attacks.
  • Global Data Centers to reduce latency for traders worldwide.
Forex Cloud Hosting

Security Features

  • Network firewall to safeguard against unauthorized access.
  • For secure data transmission we use SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS).
  • Automated backups of trading data and configurations.
Forex Cloud Hosting Services

Automated Trading Support

  • Secure remote access for trading and management.
  • Support for popular trading platforms and automation tools.
  • Easy integration with trading APIs and algorithms.
Forex Cloud Hosting

Additional Services

  • Support for integrating with third-party financial data providers
  • Access to real-time market data feeds.
  • Pre-installed trading software and tools.
affordable Forex hosting


  • Option to upgrade CPU, RAM, and storage resources.
  • Load balancing to handle increased trading activity.
Forex Cloud Hosting Provider

Support and Monitoring

  • 24/7 Rapid response to technical issues.
  • Regular monitoring of server health and performance.
  • Real-time tracking of memory, CPU, and network usage.
affordable Forex hosting

Data Center and Infrastructure

  • Redundant power and cooling systems for uptime.
  • Biometric access controls, surveillance, and security personnel.
  • Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions.
Forex Cloud Hosting Provider

Control Panel

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Configuration Management
affordable Forex hosting


  • Ability to install and configure trading platforms and software.
  • Exclusive IP for improved security and accessibility.

Cyfuture Cloud Perspective: Forex Cloud Hosting

In the dynamic realm of forex trading, every millisecond counts, and uninterrupted connectivity is non-negotiable. That's where Cyfuture Cloud steps in, delivering a holistic Forex Cloud Hosting perspective tailored to amplify your trading prowess.

Global Connectivity, Local Excellence: Our strategic data center locations span the globe, ensuring that you're seamlessly connected to major financial hubs. Whether you're in New York, London, Tokyo, or beyond, Cyfuture Cloud optimizes latency to keep your trades ahead of the curve.

Precision in Every Transaction: Leverage our meticulously engineered infrastructure to execute trades with pinpoint accuracy. Our ultra-low latency connections to top brokers guarantee swift order execution, maximizing your potential for profit.

Fortress of Security: Your financial endeavors deserve the utmost protection. Cyfuture Cloud employs state-of-the-art security measures, including robust firewalls, encryption protocols, and 24/7 monitoring, so you can focus on trading with confidence.

Scalability on Demand: Adapt to evolving market conditions without missing a beat. Cyfuture Cloud's scalable architecture allows you to effortlessly scale up resources during peak trading periods, ensuring your strategies remain on track.

API Integration and Automation: Seamlessly integrate with trading APIs and deploy automated strategies with ease. Cyfuture Cloud empowers you to harness the potential of algorithmic trading for unparalleled success.

Data Integrity and Disaster Recovery: Your trading data is invaluable. Our rock-solid backup and disaster recovery mechanisms ensure that your data is safeguarded against unforeseen events, guaranteeing your trading continuity.

Tailored Support: Our dedicated technical experts stand by your side, offering unrivaled support for setup, configuration, and troubleshooting. We're committed to your seamless experience, from sign-up to sustained success.

Join Cyfuture Cloud's Forex Cloud Hosting revolution today and redefine the way you trade. Experience the power of technology and innovation, designed to enhance your market advantage and capitalize on every forex opportunity that comes your way. Your triumph is our purpose.

Why Choose Cyfuture Cloud For Forex Cloud Hosting?

At Cyfuture Cloud, excellence in Forex Cloud Hosting is our hallmark. Our expertise and advanced infrastructure make us the ultimate choice for your trading needs. With cutting-edge data centers, fortified security, and backup systems, your data is safeguarded. Scale effortlessly, break barriers, and expand limitlessly.

Tailor your forex environment with ease – virtual machines, storage, and networking, all at your command. Reliability is paramount, driven by fault-tolerant design and failover mechanisms. Performance is optimized through load balancing and caching, while our backups ensure data integrity.

Our user-friendly control panel and APIs streamline management and integration. Technical support is available 24/7, ensuring swift assistance.

Unlock unmatched features: secure infrastructure, scalability, and expert support. Choose Cyfuture Cloud for a seamless Forex Cloud Hosting experience.

Our Advanced Features Offerings

  • Forex Cloud Hosting Provider

    Ultra-Low Latency Execution

    Seize opportunities in milliseconds with our ultra-low latency infrastructure, ensuring your trades are executed swiftly and accurately.

  • Forex Cloud Hosting

    Global Data Centers

    Strategically positioned data centers worldwide offer proximity to major financial hubs, enhancing order execution speed and minimizing slippage.

  • Affordable Forex hosting

    High Availability Architecture

    Enjoy uninterrupted trading with our fault-tolerant design and automatic failover mechanisms, safeguarding against disruptions.

  • Forex Cloud Hosting Services

    Scalability on Demand

    Adapting to market volatility is effortless with our scalable architecture, empowering you to expand resources dynamically during peak trading.

  • Forex Cloud Hosting Provider

    Automated Trading Empowerment

    Seamlessly integrate trading algorithms and deploy automated strategies for optimal precision and efficiency.

  • Forex Cloud Hosting

    Robust Security Measures

    Safeguard your investments with advanced security protocols, encryption, and DDoS protection, ensuring a fortified trading environment.

  • affordable Forex hosting

    Data Integrity and Backup

    Rest easy knowing your data is protected with regular backups and robust disaster recovery solutions, minimizing downtime risks.

  • Forex Cloud Hosting Services

    Customizable Hosting Environment

    Tailor your forex infrastructure with flexible virtual machines, storage options, and networking configurations.

  • Forex Cloud Hosting Provider

    Performance Optimization

    Maximize trading efficiency with efficient load balancing and caching mechanisms, accelerating application delivery.

  • Forex Cloud Hosting

    API Integration for Insights

    Seamlessly integrate with trading APIs and financial data providers, gaining real-time insights for informed decision-making.

  • affordable Forex hosting

    24/7 Expert Support

    Our dedicated technical experts stand by your side, ready to assist with setup, configuration, and troubleshooting around the clock.

  • Forex Cloud Hosting Services

    User-Friendly Control

    Navigate and manage your forex hosting environment effortlessly through our intuitive control panel and robust APIs.

Our All Best Cloud on Forex Cloud Hosting Packages Includes

Unbeatable speed

linux cloud server hosting

Our Forex Cloud platform is designed to provide you with the powerful tools you need to optimise your trading platform. Additionally, the use of 100% Solid State Drives storage, powerful processors, and Modern cache technology ensure unbeatable speed. As a result, even during a power loss or brownout, you may simply watch the trade statics and any pricing movements.

Ultra-Low Latency with Top Tier Data Centers

linux cloud server hosting

Avoid deficits and price increases by utilising a Forex Cloud Server that allows you to save high-quality data. We offer this service in all major cities across the world. So, you can choose your nearest location to experience the low latencies as low as 1 Millisecond because our top Forex Cloud Hosting India-based Servers are powered by the top-tier Brokers Network.

On-Demand Back-up services

linux cloud server hosting

Do you think your data is insecure in the webspace? No need to get too bothered! We at Cyfuture Cloud provide you with Demand Data Backups Services. It will ultimately be secured with high protection on our Cloud space. As a result, you may access it anytime you need it.

Industry-Leading Security for Secure Trading

linux cloud server hosting

Forex Trading business needs to transmit personal credentials and bank details that need to be secured at any cost. Our Cloud Forex Server is highly secured with advanced Security measures, including DDoS protection, Advanced Encryption Standard Security(AES), Transport Layer Security(TLS), Malware Scans & protection, Firewalls, Antiviruses, and much more. All of these high-security procedures safeguard your data from suspicious activity, threats, and unauthorised access.

Fully Scalable - Run multiple trading terminals

linux cloud server hosting

Our Cloud Forex Server provides more scalable resources as well as a hosting platform for trading applications. Both terminals are used to manage several trading accounts. To run several Meta Traders, make sure they are both installed on the same machine. As a result, you may access and use the services for both terminals.

Pre-Installed Trading Platform

linux cloud server hosting

In our Forex Cloud Server, we will install all the required software and applications with optimized Random Access Memory Soft, Auto Startup Tools, other essential trading platforms, and on-demand software. To manage your trading company with Forex Cloud Hosting, you may take use of the benefits of the pre-installed trading platform.

Stress-Free & Easy to Use

linux cloud server hosting

Enjoy the hassle-free services with Cyfuture Cloud cheap Forex on Cloud Server. We provide a user-friendly and simple trading platform. To monitor and check your trading status at any time through your smartphone, tablet, or PC with a strong high-speed internet connection, you must log in using the credentials we offer. We provide you with round-the-clock customer assistance to ensure that your trading server runs well.

Uninterrupted Forex Trading with 99.90% Uptime

linux cloud server hosting

Cyfuture Cloud ensures you the robust hardware, reliable infrastructure, powerful processors powered by top-tier data centers with excellent network connectivity to let you experience the highest uptime. As a result, regardless of load shedding or brownout, your Forex Cloud Hosting will remain operational and run at maximum speed without interfering with the best performance of your trading company.

Run EAs Smoothly Without Hassles

linux cloud server hosting

In Forex trading, traders use the popular Meta Traders terminals to run EA (Expert Advisor) programmes. This programme can help you choose the ideal moment to trade. It also performs transactions automatically depending on pre-scheduled and pre-given instructions. Expert Advisors (EA) may be operated 24*7 using Cloud Forex. You may effortlessly manage many accounts and traders for professional advice in one location.


  • SAP Certified

  • MEITY Empanelled

  • HIPPA Compliant

  • PCI DSS Compliant

  • CMMI Level V


  • ISO 20000-1:2011

  • Cyber Essential Plus Certified

  • BS EN 15713:2009

  • BS ISO 15489-1:2016



Our Key Differentiators

  • Affordable Forex Cloud Hosting - Pay the lowest price
  • Administrative access
  • Dedicated, highly customizable cloud resources
  • Blazing-fast NVMe storage
  • 1-click Scale Up and Scale Down
  • High-Availability Guaranteed
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • 24/7 Live technical support
  • 100% Automated
  • You Get Your Server In no time
  • Root Access
  • Redundant Network
  • Multiple Locations

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