Virtual Private Server Hosting Myth Busters

Jan 05,2024 by Meghali Gupta
VPS Hosting India

People tend to mix up ‘VPS’ with terms like DDoS, DMCA, or even the National Security Agency. But that’s not the reality! Your website won’t be gobbled up by some Virtual Private Server monster.

VPS is a smart choice for those who need more than basic shared hosting but don’t want the cost of a dedicated server. Let’s debunk a few myths and discover the real benefits of VPS.

Myth #1: VPS Hosting is Exclusively for Linux Experts!

Around 15+ years ago, when VPSs were nascent, this statement held weight. Back then, virtualization tech was in its early stages, and managed hosts were a rarity.

Back in the day, the prevailing advice was to steer clear of VPS unless you were an expert. However, in today’s tech landscape of 2022, things have changed dramatically! Presently, buyers have two primary options: managed VPS and unmanaged (self-managed) VPS.

Quality management is now easily accessible and affordable even for non-experts. With a managed virtual private server host, concerns about security, updates, backups, and performance become their responsibility. Bid farewell to server management worries because they have got you covered!

Myth #2: Unmanaged VPS is cheaper!

In other words, this is the opposite myth of “experts only”.

While you cannot know everything, there is nothing wrong with not knowing everything. A lack of knowledge can’t be filled by following random posts on a blog or forum.

An unmanaged VPS has many hidden costs. Servers that are not managed are blank, having no software installed – often not even the operating system! Not a panel, firewall, DNS, or any security software. In spite of the fact that the internet offers tutorials on almost anything, learning is not the same as knowing.

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What do you do if your VPS kernel panics at 3 AM? Do you frantically pound the keyboard with blurry eyes, praying that a Google search will provide the answer? Would you rather go back to sleep after sending a support request to your host or server manager?

Unmanaged might be more costly in terms of time and licencing.

Myth #3: Migrating to VPS is difficult!

It is both a fact and a myth at the same time. 

If you’re using a panel like Plesk or cPanel, migration is simple! There is indeed no easy way to move from a shared cPanel server to a free control panel. There’s yet another reason why unmanaged isn’t fun.

Cyfuture Cloud spawns all Virtual Private Servers ordered with Plesk or cPanel before they are offered to customers. It takes about two minutes to do that. We then tweak it for performance and harden it for security. Our final step involves moving all your sites from a shared server to a VPS. With a VPS, you get the same level of power and customization as your shared hosting account. The migration process can be completed in just a few hours with a managed host.

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Overview of VPS Hosting and its Pros

The term VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting is designed to bridge the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The server accessed by you and hundreds of other users is called a shared hosting environment. Because several individuals use the same computer, shared plans have minimal costs. There are certain disadvantages, though.

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The same resources are used by all of you simultaneously. An influx of traffic on one website can affect the performance of all sites hosted on the shared server. If you desire a steady loading speed, this isn’t a workable approach, even as your project gains popularity. In comparison to shared hosting, a dedicated server is a far more powerful alternative. Consequently, the physical resources of your server are always allocated just for you. It is extremely expensive to set up and maintain an entire physical server due to the astronomical costs involved.

Between a shared hosting account and a dedicated hosting account is where a VPS hosting account falls. Once again, multiple accounts reside on the same physical server. This time, though, there is a virtual computer for every account.

A virtual machine provides an isolated environment for users. Their hardware resources aren’t quite as powerful as dedicated servers, but they’re always available to you, and you can choose your own dedicated IP address.

Due to its many advantages, VPS hosting is growing rapidly in popularity. Here are some of its benefits:

Cost-Effective Solution: For websites that outgrew their shared accounts, there was no other option but to switch to expensive dedicated servers until VPS hosting was introduced. The price of VPS plans is higher than the price of shared ones because they are more powerful.Multiple VPSs may coexist on the same physical server, which makes them far less expensive than dedicated hosting.

Performance Reliability: The VPS provides reliable performance because its hardware resources are always available to you. Your website won’t be slowed down by others taking up too much power.

Scalability with Ease: Virtual private server reconfiguration is simple for hosting providers, allowing for minimal downtime during upgrades. With certain hosts, you may even update specific parts.

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Guaranteed Email Deliverability: Email deliverability is guaranteed because shared servers share the same hardware resources as well as the same IP address. Should one of the shared server accounts begin distributing spam, it is possible for the IP address to be banned very rapidly, which might cost you important email correspondence. Every Virtual Private Server has a unique IP address. It is totally up to you to use it and keep its reputation intact.

Usage ease: A virtual server may seem complicated to many people, but it has the advantage of being easy to use. If you lack the confidence to handle all the configuration and maintenance yourself, you may always purchase a managed VPS service. All of the challenging technical work will be handled by the host, and you will use the control panel to manage your projects.

VPS Hosting India

Wrap-Up: What is the best way to manage? –  What do you think?

Most myths about Virtual Private Server are actually the result of management mistakes.

The only issue is when non-experts utilise VPS hosting that isn’t managed. On the other hand, clients that are non-technical or inexperienced with hosting have no trouble using managed hosts. The key is simply choosing the right products.

At Cyfuture Cloud, we have been a pioneer in offering managed services. In contrast to our clientele, the majority of us have specific areas of expertise rather than IT. The sites and servers are handled by us in our data center Noida, so they can concentrate on important matters. For sites that have outgrown shared hosting but don’t require a beefy dedicated solution, Virtual Private Server is an excellent choice.

Don’t allow the misconceptions stop you from choosing your hosting wisely.

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