Characteristics of the Elastic Compute Cloud

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Elastic Compute Cloud


Understanding the Term Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2

Elastic Compute Cloud is abbreviated as EC2. EC2 or elastic compute cloud is an on-demand computing service offered by AWS. The term “computing” refers to both the flexibility of a virtual environment as well as all the services that a computer device may offer. Additionally, it enables users to modify their instances by their requirements, such as allocating RAM, ROM, and storage according to the demands of the current task. 

When the virtual device’s function is finished and it is no longer required, the user can also deactivate it. You will receive a monthly bill from AWS that is entirely based on your usage of all of these scalable resources. With EC2, you can lease virtual machines. 

One of the most straightforward EC2 techniques is the provision of servers on the AWS Cloud. The capacity of EC2 will enhance. To satisfy the most demanding corporate requirements, EC2 offers an infrastructure that is safe, stable, high-performance, and economical.

Elastic Computing in Cloud Computing:


Aspect Elastic Computing in Cloud Computing
Scalability Offers flexible resources that dynamically adjust to varying workloads.
Automatic Scaling Allows automatic scaling up or down of virtual servers based on demand.
Optimization Ensures optimized performance and cost-efficiency by aligning resources with workload needs.
Adaptability Accommodates fluctuations in traffic or computational requirements without manual intervention.
Benefits Facilitates cost savings and optimized performance by scaling resources as needed.
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What are the Characteristics of Elastic Compute Cloud

Here, we are enlightening a few main characteristics of elastic compute cloud. So, let’s examine them.

1. Operating System:

While choosing AMI (Amazon Machine Image), the amazon elastic compute cloud includes several operating systems to choose from. Although users just do not have to select from these options, even users can get the privilege to upload their own operating. Also, they can opt for this operating system while selecting AMI during the launch of EC2.

Nowadays, AWS has several operating systems to choose from on the elastic compute cloud console.

  • Amazon Linux
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Windows Server
  • SUSE Linux

2. Software:

Amazon rules the cloud computing market. This is because consumers have so many alternatives on EC2. It gives users the option to run a selection of programs on their EC2 computers. 

This entire service is a part of AWS Marketplace on the AWS platform. Furthermore, access to a variety of programs, such as SAP, LAMP, and Drupal, is made possible via AWS.

3. Functionality:

Elastic compute cloud offers a true virtual computing platform to its users. So, users can use various operations and even they can launch another EC2 instance from this virtual created environment. 

This helps to increase the security of virtual devices. We may change our environments to suit our demands at any point during the life cycle of the virtual machine using EC2, in addition to creating virtual machines. AMI (Amazon Machine Image) alternatives that support a variety of operating systems are available through Amazon EC2, together with various pre-configured resources including RAM, ROM, storage, and other components.

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In addition to these AMI options, we may also curate an AMI using a combination of pre-defined and user-defined configurations. Additionally, we may save this user-defined AMI for future use. Also, saving the user from having to create a new AMI from scratch the following time. When creating a new EC2 machine, the user can just use the older reference rather than going through the complete process.

4. Reliability and Scalability:

Elastic compute cloud also provides the feature to scale up and scale down according to the need. With the help of EC2 features, all the situations will be tackled. Furthermore, it is reliable for its users. This is because of its snapshots and flexibility of volume.

When immense traffic occurs on the portals, organizations such as Amazon, and Flipkart rely on this. This is because of the scalable nature of the machine.

Final Words:

In this blog, we have discussed various features of elastic compute cloud, or EC2, about how they help organizations as well as users. EC2 provides various operating systems, functionality, reliability, scalability, and many more. Furthermore, it privileges for the users to upload their own operating system.

So, if you are also seeking something similar, you can reach our expert team at Cyfuture Cloud. Also, you can email us your queries at to get further information.


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