Why is VPS Hosting Services the best choice for growing websites?

Jan 04,2024 by Meghali Gupta

There is nothing more exciting than launching a new website and probably watching it grow and become a success. Once the website is on the run and has become successful, you’re getting thousands of visitors a day and an increase in sales. 

Buying VPS hosting is like taking a space on a shared space on rent and that space dedicatedly belongs to you. On the physical server, all the shared space is independent of one another, and also gets its own OS and the choice to run any compatible app. In supporting a growing website it holds paramount significance. In the support of the growing business, VPS service plays a vital role and helps in increase in traffic.

In the rapidly growing and constantly changing digital world, where every business is struggling to establish a strong online presence. And people are busy developing the touch-basing concept in every aspect of their life. Whether it be connecting with their friends, family, and loved ones on social media to ordering daily consumables, gadgets, food, and almost everything. 

This digital explosion raises the requirement of having a website among businesses and subsequently the need for stable, reliable, and cost-effective hosting companies. 

What is VPS hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of many virtual servers that are created on a single physical server. It’s like shared hosting because you only occupy a part of the physical server for yourself. However, you receive far more resources on VPS than you would on shared hosting. Each virtual private server can run its own operating system, unlike in Shared Hosting, giving you more freedom to install any apps that you might need for your website. 

Even though VPS lives in a shared environment, the performance is not affected by the activities of other users. We wouldn’t be wrong in saying that VPS hosting is like a mini dedicated server.

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Reasons why VPS is the best choice for growing websites

1. Cost-effectiveness

The main focus of the growing businesses is to minimize the IT cost and become cost-effective as much as they can be. Growing businesses don’t want to overspend on getting a dedicated server for a website that doesn’t need one. In such a situation, VPS hosting India comes as the real solution in terms of capacity and expense and provides a midway solution between shared and dedicated hosting. 

VPS hosting is perfect for sites that are just starting to expand and gives you a fair understanding of VPS hosting being cost-effective.

2. Better Performance

A primary rationale for organisations opting to migrate their website to a VPS is its notable performance advantages over shared servers. As your website grows, it will require more resources to handle the increasing traffic. However, you can’t always get more resources when you’re using a shared solution. Your website’s performance can be impacted by other websites hosted on the same server too, resulting in things like website downtime and slow loading times. With VPS hosting, you have dedicated resources and you won’t have to worry about the server’s ability to handle more website visitors. 

3. Availability of Robust server that never goes down

Although they’re hosted on a physical server, in actuality VPS itself is virtual. That means VPS has no physical components of its own. In such case, if the hosted physical server goes down, the VPS server which is backed up as a replica can be spontaneously rebooted on another physical server, which means your applications stay online.

VPS solutions in that sense are a perfect choice for businesses as they’re hosted on high-availability nodes and have optimum-quality Xeon processors and solid-state drives (SSDs).

4. Easily Scalable

Another big benefit of VPS hosting is how scalable it is. You have restricted resource access with shared hosting, and scaling up as your website expands might be difficult. However, with a VPS, you can easily scale up your CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth as your website traffic grows and your needs increase. This scalability ensures that your website will always have the resources it needs to continue performing optimally.

5. Dedicated resources

The biggest challenge the users face with shared hosting is that if one user finishes up using a resource-intensive application or is receiving a traffic spike, then within the same physical server other shared hosting users get fewer resources to work with. 

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In simple terms, sometimes some applications may not work due to which websites could experience slow load times. This is not a favorable environment for growing websites, especially business websites. With VPS, a physical server is also shared; However, each VPS is allocated to dedicated resources that can’t be utilized by another neighboring server.

6. Customisable Server

A virtual private server (VPS) allows for more versatility and may be adjusted to better suit the requirements of your website than a shared server. With shared hosting, you have limited control over the server as it’s shared with other websites and this can cause issues as your website grows. Having the ability to configure the server environment or install custom software can be very useful and a VPS can be completely tailored to your unique application. Should you need assistance during setup, this is something a hosting provider can help you with. 

7. Top-notch security

Security is one of the top-notch requirements of every website owner. In comparison to Shared Hosting, VPS hosting is more reliable and secure. Usually, the VPN server uses an independent virtual environment which is segmented also, the host installs the software layers to assign dedicated parts of the server to you. 

To some extent, shared hosting is secure too, but sometimes it’s an issue to share the same server. At any time you can upgrade server security and scale it as per your business requirements with VPS hosting. Even if another VPS account in the server gets infected by malware, it would still never affect your VPS account in any way.

8. Managed Service

Moving away from a shared server will enable you to explore managed hosting options. A fully managed VPS hosting service will enable you to focus on other aspects of your business while a team of experts manage your server for you. The VPS provider will take care of everything from server maintenance and backups to software installations and security, ensuring that your website is always up and running. The continuous assistance you receive will aid in averting typical issues when your company expands and more traffic to your website occurs. 

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9. Full Access

Though VPS hosting uses the same physical server, a VPS hosting plan is independent of other accounts, you have more access over your partition. With VPS, you will get the entire operating system to yourself, including complete access to resources and files. 

VPS plans come with full administrative control. This enables you to set up and personalize your server the way you want it and to install and use additional software. Also, it added access to your site to try out more advanced coding and test applications more effectively. Though dedicated server hosting is also available dedicatedly for the single use but VPS hosting has its own importance.

VPS Hosting India

When to Use and How to Decide It Is Time to Upgrade?

The next stage after your website exceeds shared hosting’s resource limitations is typically considered to be VPS hosting. It makes sense to switch to a VPS plan if your website can no longer function properly with the most sophisticated shared hosting package. VPS hosting may provide you the best of both worlds in some situations, combining dedicated and shared hosting.

In some circumstances, though, it could make sense to begin using a VPS plan straight away. For eCommerce websites, for instance, virtual private servers may be quite helpful for ensuring safe payments in a quick and reliable environment. In reality, VPS can assist you in lowering the danger of identity theft and security breaches if you have to process online payments or store any type of sensitive data.

A VPS hosting package may also be quite helpful if you anticipate traffic surges on your website during specific periods, such as when running an event organising or ticketing website. On a virtual private server, resource-intensive websites such as game servers (such as Counter-Strike 2 or Minecraft) function significantly better.

VPS hosting services

In conclusion

VPS hosting services are substantial for customers with fast-growing businesses and websites. With VPS hosting, you’ll get the most affordable costs that are also at higher performance.

So, if you are the owner of a growing website, with limited capital investment, and want to stay in control of all your hosting needs, choose VPS hosting India today.

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