Unlocking the Power of Computing from Core to Edge

Feb 03,2023 by Aastha Chaudhary

Cloud computing is a hot new trend in technology. It has various market leaders like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform dominating the market. As more firms move their operations to the cloud, the market for cloud computing is continually growing. However, it is no longer a new technology trend. Edges are.

Organizations are learning about the drawbacks of cloud computing. There are various scenarios as their data volumes continue to grow with each passing day. Bypassing the latency brought on by cloud computing and transferring data directly to a data center for Processing. Edge computing intends to help with some of those issues. It can be located “on the edge,” if you will, nearer to where computing must occur since there is little to no connectivity to a central location where data centers are. Edge computing can be utilized to handle time-sensitive data in remote places. Edge computing can function like small data centers under those circumstances.

Cyfuture Cloud is there to provide you with mini data centers nearby you. Providing edge computing for you to grow along with your business.

Adopting Internet of Things (IoT) devices will expand edge computing. The edge computing industry is anticipated to grow to $6.72 billion by 2023. This will lead to numerous jobs—chiefly for software programmers. Nothing less than growth is intended for this new technological trend. It is the whole and sole development of the IT industry.

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Graphical Representation

Graphical Representation


A closer look on how “Edge Computing” is changing the Game for Internet Things (IoT). Not only for the Internet of things but also for Real-time Processing.

As depicted in the graph, In 2019, market revenue was below 150 US Billion dollars. As we move forward to 2021, it crosses the 150 US Billion-dollar benchmark. It could reach 200 US Billion dollars in 2023. It might reach above 250 US Billion dollars in 2025.

A distributed computing paradigm called “edge computing.” It entails shifting part or all of the data processing and storage closer to the “edge” of the network. We move computation and data storage closer to the gadgets and sensors that produce the data, where we create the data, away from centralized data centers.

Bringing computation to the edge, one step closer to the data source

Bringing computation

The future of data is closer than you think with edge computing.

This can be accomplished by utilizing smaller and more specialized hardware close to the data sources, like mini data centers or gateways. Edge computing can decrease the quantity of data that needs to transmit over the network. It can speed up reaction times. It lessens the burden on centralized data centers by relocating Processing and storage to the edge. To cut down on data transmission and processing time. It also engages itself in below mentioned things: –

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Industrial Automation Systems

Edge computing is transforming industries by improving efficiency, reducing latency, and enabling new use cases that were previously not possible.

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Reason to Recommend Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Cyfuture cloud will help you out by availing of all the benefits of edge computing, including a reduction in latency and bandwidth. We assure you of perfect reliability, security, and Scalability with Cyfuture Cloud offering computing at your edge. We are providing Real-time decision-making at a pocket-friendly cost at your doorstep. We give you better support for IoT Devices and mobile and field applications. Efficiency is at the edge, where we are generating the data.

Reason Why We Avoid EDGE!- Cyfuture Cloud is the Solution


Cyfuture Cloud will help you to overcome above mentioned disadvantages of edge computing. By providing you with a home for your data to rest in a secure environment at an affordable cost. Along with unlimited resources and proper coordination of devices. Now your data source is at your doorstep.

 You can access your data at the Cyfuture Cloud when you are out somewhere for a work-o-vacation.

Real-time insights, right where it matters.

Cyfuture Cloud is Here with Solution to Overcome the Challenges


Cyfuture Cloud will help you out with all the challenges you will be facing. We ensure you of a proper standard place for your data with the below-mentioned points:

  • 100% security
  • World-class management system
  • high latency and
  • perfect scalability

We assure you to provide the best power supply and connectivity for your data to be accessed across the globe.

Cyfuture cloud will provide you with data governance at the edge as it is provided at the centralized data center. We will provide you with unlimited processing capabilities at a pocket-friendly cost.

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The key to unlocking the future of data processing is here with edge computing.


Let’s take an example of how Cyfuture Cloud will be helpful for edge devices: –

Like in industrial settings, processing data from industrial equipment allows for predictive maintenance and improved efficiency. We will provide the data centers at your edge along with the latest edge computing technology while keeping your requirements in mind.

We ensure you to closing the gap between data generation and analysis through edge computing.

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