How does Cyfuture Cloud help organizations with today’s security concerns? 

Mar 07,2023 by Meghali Gupta

With the rise of Cloud computing, the business landscape has undergone a radical transformation because of its several benefits. However, with the increased use of cloud computing comes an increased need for cloud security.

Because according to a recent survey, 45% of breaches are cloud-based, 80% of companies have experienced at least one cloud security incident in 2022, and 27% of organizations have experienced around 20% more public cloud security incidents from 2022.

When upgrading or purchasing new technologies, 72% of organizations default to cloud-based services, meaning most businesses today have experienced a breach.

This blog will explain how Cyfuture cloud helps you with cloud security. We will dive into cloud security, how it is essential, what major cloud threats are, and how we help organizations overcome them.

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud security involves the procedures and technology to protect data and applications against external and insider cloud computing environments from data breaches, unauthorized access, and cybersecurity threats. 

Cloud security is a list of measures to protect cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data. These measures ensure user and device authentication,  data privacy protection, and data and resource access control and also support regulatory data compliance.  

How is Cloud Security important for business growth?

As more companies are migrating their systems to the cloud, cyber security becomes a matter of critical concern for all sizes of businesses. While we at Cyfuture cloud will manage this infrastructure, we are responsible for data asset security and accountability.

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Here are some reasons why the cloud security services of Cyfuture cloud are essential for your business growth:

  • We protect against cyber attacks such as encryption, authentication, and access controls. 
  • We provide flexibility and scalability without compromising the security of the data. 
  • Cyfuture cloud enhances secure collaboration with partners, customers, and suppliers.
  • Choosing us as your cloud security provider will free you from all security administration work.

What are the major cloud threats, and how do Cyfuture cloud security solutions help to eliminate them

Unique info-security challenges and issues crop up as more data and applications migrate to the cloud. Here are the top cloud computing security risks every business faces and how Cyfuture cloud provides solutions to resolve them effectively.

Cloud Security

Major Cloud Threats

How Cyfuture Cloud Help to Solve Them

Data Breaches

We implement strong encryption and access control mechanisms, regular security audits, and monitoring tools to detect unauthorized access and data exfiltration.

Insider Threats

We provide a range of security measures and tools specifically designed to detect and respond to these types of risks. A few of them are – Role-based access control, multi-factor authentication (MFA), regular monitoring and audit trails of user activity, and data loss prevention tools.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

We use hardware and software tools to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks, such as network segmentation, load balancing, and traffic filtering.

Misconfiguration Errors

We regularly audit security and enforce best practices, such as using strong passwords, disabling unnecessary services, and limiting access to sensitive data.

Lack of Visibility and Control

We provide customers with tools to monitor their cloud environments, such as dashboards and logging tools, and also implement security controls at the infrastructure level.

Malware Infections

To eliminate this security risk, we regularly patch and update, implement anti-malware solutions, and limit access to suspicious or malicious content..

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Cyfuture cloud uses advanced threat detection and analysis tools to detect and mitigate APTs, such as behavioral analysis and anomaly detection.

Regulatory Compliance

To maintain compliance, we comply with various regulatory standards and certifications, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001, and provide customers with the necessary documentation and security controls.

Side-Channel Attacks

We implement hardware security features, such as memory isolation and encryption, to prevent attackers from accessing sensitive data through side channels.

Data Loss and Corruption

To ensure that data is not lost or corrupted in an outage or disaster, we implement data backup and disaster recovery solutions and regular data integrity checks.

API Vulnerabilities

We implement secure coding practices and regularly update and patch their APIs to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.

Supply Chain Attacks

We monitor third-party suppliers and vendors to ensure they meet security standards and do not introduce vulnerabilities into the cloud environment. For this, we use security measures and tools such as – threat intelligence, access controls, network segmentation, incident response, and vulnerability.

Zero-Day Exploits

We use advanced threat detection and analysis tools like machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect and respond to zero-day exploits before they can cause harm.

Advanced Malware and Ransomware

We implement advanced anti-malware and anti-ransomware solutions that use behavioral analysis and machine learning to detect and mitigate advanced threats.

Credential Stuffing

We implement MFA and regularly monitor and audit user activity to prevent attackers from using stolen credentials to access sensitive data.

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Wrapping Up!

As more and more organizations move their devices, data centers, and business processes to the cloud, ensuring high-quality cloud data security is becoming increasingly important. This can be achieved by implementing comprehensive security policies, fostering an organizational culture of security, and utilizing cloud security solutions.

To ensure that your organization is fully protected from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats, selecting the right cloud security solution is imperative. Cyfuture Cloud offers a complete and reliable cloud security solution that safeguards your cloud apps and data, prevents compromised accounts, and allows you to set customized security policies on a per-device basis.

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