5 Different Ways to Use Cloud Storage in Day to Day Activities

Mar 01,2022 by Meghali Gupta
How to Use Cloud Storage

In case you’re not aware of what ‘cloud storage’ is, it’s a place to save your data online. It’s a revolutionary replacement for an external hard drive or other storage hardware for data storage online.

Mainly, cloud storage is an opportunity to upload or download your crucial data on the server. The cloud storage company in India or foreign own these servers and manages them effectively. They will provide you the service to access them from any device and any place. 

Not only this, Cloud supports a huge list of supported file types. That includes code file formats like — .CSS, .HTML, .PHP, .C, .CPP, .H, .HPP, and .JS. Additionally, you can view .ZIP and .RAR also. 

For instance, If you have a vector illustration program file and you are unable to install it. Try to open the file on a cloud platform. You can get the files open here due to their compatibility with almost all file types. 

Presently, most professionals take advantage of this progressive cloud storage technique. However, because millions of professional users use it every day, that doesn’t mean that basic users cannot use it daily. 

There are several ways to use cloud storage. Have a glimpse of 5 ways you can use your cloud storage that you may not have thought of.

Different ways to use cloud storage

1. Upload images to the Cloud

Surely, you come across such situations once in a while in your life. For instance, no space to save an image or Out of memory. It happens when you have plenty of memorable images with you. But, you have no space left to save them. Another instance is when you have saved plenty of images on your hard disk or any other hardware device. It will crash, and you will lose all your data.

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To get rid of such a situation, you need to upload them to another reliable source. Here you can use cloud storage. It gives you the online free space to upload all your precious images. Through cloud storage, you can access these images from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, you can share it with your family & friends, if you wish to do that.

You will get this service free from some popular cloud storage providers. Name of a few is Google Drive and Amazon cloud. Besides, there are so many cloud storage providers in India who will provide paid services too. Additionally, cloud storage will also help you free up your device space. 

It will free up space on your computer and other devices. 

2. Working and sharing with a group

Sometimes in education projects or professional work, you need an intervention of all group members on a single document. Especially, when all are sitting in different locations.

Through cloud storage, you got the resolution of this problem. As cloud storage facilitates it with its document sharing feature. Through this feature, you can easily share documents and files with your team members. Along with, view, edit, or comment attributes. So that, multiple people can easily work on a single document at a time.

3. Use the cloud to save your passwords 

Are you related to these things, you enter the wrong password and the User Id and password are incorrect. Moreover, your account has been blocked due to entering the wrong password. Such situations make things messier.

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Unlike in earlier times, Internet security is crucial nowadays. Whatever website you use, you need a password for them. The password length and style to use keys, of every website are different. However, it is difficult to remember all your passwords. Especially, when you need to create a unique and complex password for every website. 

Now, you don’t need to memorize all your passwords and crucial credentials. Instead, You can get it managed by a cloud-based management program. This program is saved all your passwords in the cloud and generate a unique password for you. Now, you need to remember only one master password for all your passwords. 

4. Build a backup for your private files

There is nothing is more painful than losing your data because of your system breakdown. Whether it is private or professional data. We can’t deny the fact that technical devices can get broken quite easily and left you to suffer.  

But now, you can avoid such situations and protect digital data of extra value. Through cloud storage, you can create a backup for your crucial files. You can use cloud storage as the repository of files. Ensure your files are safe in case your device gets broken or lost. All cloud storages have an “auto-upload” function. So you can effortlessly synchronize it and download the photo in the cloud. Just after the very moment, it was produced.

5. Organize Your Media

Probably, you have plenty of videos, audio files, and images on your personal or professional system. That scattered all over. Cloud storage helps you in saving and sorting all your files. Through, creating cohesive digital media libraries.

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How to Use Cloud Storage:


Step Description
Sign Up Register for a cloud storage service by creating an account and providing necessary details.
Upload Files Use a web browser or dedicated app to upload files, allowing them to be stored in the cloud.
Organize Data Create folders, categorize files, and organize data to facilitate easy access and management.
Access and Share Access stored files from any device with internet access. Share files/folders securely with others via links or specific user permissions.
Sync Across Devices Utilize sync features to ensure files are updated across multiple devices connected to the cloud storage, enabling seamless access and collaboration.
Security Measures Implement security measures like encryption, two-factor authentication, and access controls to safeguard data stored in the cloud.
Backup and Restore Regularly back up important data to the cloud and utilize restore options in case of accidental deletion or loss of files.
Explore Additional Features Discover additional functionalities such as file versioning, collaboration tools, and integration with other apps to maximize utility and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

In addition, there are plenty of other helpful uses of cloud storage, including some that you may not have ever thought of before. It consists of, sharing iTunes music, word processing, and note saving. You can also make embedded videos on the cloud. It looks the options are endless when it comes to what can be accomplished with the help of cloud storage.

So, if you need the best cloud storage solution, you can approach us. Being cloud storage providers in India, we will assist you in all ways.


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