Cyfuture Cloud account allows users to manage the infrastructure and billing. Your accounts have different options to manage VMs of different platforms.

Account Management

Your Profile Page

On the profile page, you can edit information like - name, address, pin code, change your password, change your password, verify your account, view billing, select account manager, number of active machines, KYC upload, and deactivate your account.


Check your account activity, encrypt your VM with a password or with SSH keys, and set custom rules in the firewall.


For encrypting your VM with SSH, you have to generate keys by using


Two-Factor Authentication

Using two-factor authentication with a username and password adds an additional layer of security against unauthorized access. Even if the threat actor gains access to the account. They still can’t access anything without having a verification code.

In the two-factor authentication section, you have: -

  • Two-factor authentication is enabled by default.
  • SMS-based authentication.
  • Secondary authentication is required, whenever you sign in from a new device or new location.
  • Google Single-Sign-On. You add different layers of security that Google offers. Such as -
    • Application Authentication
    • SMS Authentication
    • Call Authentication
    • Backup Codes
    • In-Device Sign In

SSH Keys

SSh keys provide higher security to your cloud. Normally, it is recommended to all users.

Deactivate Accounts

Deactivate CyfutureCloud account after destroying all of its resources and delete all the information associated with CyfutureCloud.

Account Information


Account verification is automatic and happens usually within a minute whenever you upload your identity proofs. There might be some circumstances, you may be asked to provide your identity proof. As you become an authentic user, it becomes easier to better understand customers.

Clouds and Volume Limit Increases

Depending upon your workload, you can resize vCPU, RAM, hard disk. You can view your account cloud limit and request an increase from your account settings page. You can resize volume in the available sizes.